Bishop will take to the skies to exorcise entire Colombian city

Bishop will take to the skies to exorcise entire Colombian city

July 11, 2019– Mary Greeley News –Army to provide helicopter for sprinkling of holy water on area beset by violent crime

In response to an unsettling increase in violent crime in his community, a bishop in Colombia plans to perform a mass exorcism on the entire city.

The audacious idea is reportedly the brainchild of Monsignor Ruben Dario Jaramillo Montoya, who has seen his hometown of Buenaventura seemingly overrun by drug-dealing gangs that commit gruesome murders and other nefarious activities in order to maintain their power.

Following the shocking death of a ten-year-old girl at the hands of these miscreants, the bishop finally had enough and decided to take action.

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This coming weekend, Montoya will soar through the sky in a helicopter provided by the Colombian Army and conduct an exorcism over the beleaguered community.

In the process, the bishop actually plans to drop holy water onto the city from the air in the hopes that it will expel the demonic forces that he believes have had a hand in corrupting residents. “We have to drive the devil out of Buenaventura,” he declared to a local radio station, “to see if we can restore the peace and tranquility that our city has lost.”

Bishop will take to the skies to exorcise entire Colombian city

Buenaventura, on Colombia’s Pacific coast, was named as the country’s most violent place in 2014. According to Human Rights Watch, “many of the city’s neighborhoods are dominated by powerful criminal groups that commit widespread abuses, including abducting and dismembering people, sometimes while still alive, then dumping them in the sea. The groups maintain ‘chop-up houses’ (casas de pique) where they slaughter victims, according to witnesses, residents, the local Catholic church and some officials.”

Since then, a marked improvement has been seen in some neighborhoods after residents took action to regain control. But local media reported 51 homicides in the city in the first five months of this year, 20 more than the same period last year.

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Although exorcisms are usually carried out on individuals, in 1890 Pope Leo XIII added a prayer, Exorcism against Satan and the Fallen Angels, for resolving demonic infestation.

Last year, the Vatican held an exorcism training course for priests amid claims that demands for deliverance from demonic possession had greatly increased across the world.

The Vatican-backed International Association of Exorcists, which represents more than 200 Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox priests, said the increase represented a “pastoral emergency”.

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