Ohio Earthquake

Ohio Earthquake

June 10, 2019– Mary Greeley News – EASTLAKE, Ohio – There are no damage or injury reports following a magnitude 4.0 earthquake that hit Eastlake and was felt across Northeast Ohio Monday.

Twitter was one of the first places the tremor was reported.

There are no reported power outages at this time.

Since 1836, Northeastern Ohio has experienced more than 100 earthquakes, many of them beneath Lake Erie offshore from Lake County. While many of the earthquakes caused little to no damage, an earthquake on January 31, 1986, in southern Lake County, shook the state and was felt in 10 other states and southern Canada, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

The 1986 earthquake had a magnitude of 5.0 and caused minor to moderate damage, including broken windows and cracked plaster.

Ohio Earthquake

ODNR says little is known about Ohio’s earthquakes. Those in Ohio appear to be associated with ancient zones of weakness in the Earth’s crust that formed during RIFTING and collision events about a billion years ago, according to ODNR.

The Midcontinent Rift System (MRS) or Keweenawan Rift is a 2,000 km (1,200 mi) long geological rift in the center of the North American continent and south-central part of the North American plate. It formed when the continent’s core, the North American craton, began to split apart during the Mesoproterozoic era of the Precambrian, about 1.1 billion years ago.

The rift failed, leaving behind thick layers of igneous rock that are exposed in its northern reaches, but buried beneath later sedimentary formations along most of its western and eastern arms.

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Those arms meet at Lake Superior, which is contained within the rift valley. The lake’s north shore in Ontario and Minnesota defines the northern arc of the rift. From the lake, the rift’s eastern arm trends south to central lower Michigan, and possibly into Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama.

The western arm runs from Lake Superior southwest through portions of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska to northeastern Kansas, and possibly into Oklahoma.

The Midcontinent Rift, which started but failed to split North America in two pieces 1.1 billion years ago, is the biggest failed rift ever discovered. It was formed when 350,000 cubic miles of volcanic rock poured out of the rift and formed the beautiful cliffs around Lake Superior. South of Lake Superior, the volcanic rocks are covered by younger rocks, so it wasn’t clear how far the rift extended.

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