China to blame for ‘downward spiral’ of media freedom

China to blame for ‘downward spiral’ of media freedom

June 6, 2019– Mary Greeley News – The U.S.-based Freedom House expressed concerns about the world’s deteriorating media freedom situation in a report published on Wednesday (June 5), and says China has played a crucial role.

China received the worst score of “0,” while Taiwan was ranked with a “top” score of “4,” as shown in a world map titled “Global Press Freedom in Peril.” Other countries that received a top score of “4” included Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the U.S., and the UK; with those at the bottom coming from Laos, North Korea, Russia, Rwanda, and Saudi Arabia.

Titled “Freedom and the Media: A Downward Spiral,” the report suggests that freedom of the media has declined over the past decade. Populist leaders in some democracies are to blame for “throttling the independence of the media sector.”

The report finds the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its proxies have sought to increase their influence over media channels abroad. The approaches include “promoting the CCP’s narratives, suppressing critical viewpoints, and managing content delivery systems.”

China to blame for ‘downward spiral’ of media freedom

These actions, the report argues, have undermined democratic governance, intervened in Chinese diaspora communities, and created a base for “political meddling.” Freedom House called upon policymakers to take measures to counter Beijing’s media influence.

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The report also believes the CCP has had an influence on how millions of Americans consume news, while its aggressive methods sway media narratives and undercut electoral competition in U.S. allies like Taiwan. If left unchecked, these efforts could spell “far-reaching implications for press freedom worldwide,” Freedom House warns.

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