Bird saves German motorist from speeding fine

Bird saves German motorist from speeding fine

May 27, 2019– Mary Greeley News – Help came from above for one German motorist whose car was snapped by a speed camera in the western German town of Viersen. Police decided not to impose a fine because the driver’s face was obscured by a passing bird.

A motorist in the German town of Viersen had a lucky escape when his car — traveling well above the speed limit — was caught on a speed camera.

Police have decided not to go ahead with a fine for the driver of the Renault Twingo because his face in the speeding snap was covered by a bird — apparently a dove.

Although the speeding driver had been traveling at 54 kilometers per hour (33 miles per hour) in a 30 kph zone — which would normally mean a fine of up to €105 ($118) — officials said they wouldn’t be taking the matter any further.

Officers also mused that although the quick-flying bird might also have been liable for a fine, they had decided against such a course of action. “We will allow grace to prevail here as well,” they said.

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While an identifiable image of the individual at the wheel is not always needed by police for a speeding fine to be imposed in Germany, the absence of one can present legal difficulties.

Bird saves German motorist from speeding fine

It’s not the first time a bird has caught the attention of police speed camera operators in Germany. Earlier this month, officials in nearby Bocholt were surprised to see that a particularly speedy pigeon appeared to have set off camera sensors at one location without any car being present.

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