Authorities identify man killed in Jeffersonville home explosion

Authorities identify man killed in Jeffersonville home explosion

May 22, 2019– Mary Greeley News – Natural gas caused the deadly home explosion in Jeffersonville, Indiana, on Sunday, officials announced Tuesday.

Jeffersonville police also named William Phillips, 50, as the man killed in the blast, which leveled the home at 904 Assembly Road.

Home 2 blocks away had windows and doors blown out and siding torn off.

If you watch the video above and the body language of the police and detectives one might think a cover up of what caused the explosion is ongoing.

The scene of the explosion is still an active scene and the investigation is ongoing. They said the investigation will continue for at least another 3-4 days or even longer.

1 dead, 3 injured in explosion that leveled Jeffersonville, Indiana home, damaged others

The neighbor across the street was looking out his front window at the time of the explosion and said he heard a loud click before the explosion, then a moment later the explosion happened.

They are also asking neighbors to report ALL damage no matter how insignificant.

The investigation is ongoing, but a police spokesman said there’s no indication of criminal intent or foul play.

Phillips’ wife, 45-year-old Janet Phillips, was hospitalized in critical condition at University of Louisville Hospital where she remains Tuesday.

Authorities identify man killed in Jeffersonville home explosion

Two others were injured in the blast, which could be felt more than 5 miles away. One neighbor was released from University of Louisville Hospital later Sunday.

An 11-year-old girl, whose collarbone was broken when a piece of her home’s ceiling fell on her in a home across the street, was treated and released from the hospital.

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Neighbor Wayne Woods, who lives a few houses down and across the street from the Phillips family, said Monday he could barely sleep knowing what had happened.

“Bill was a buddy of mine,” Woods said. “Bill was a great guy. He worked on everybody’s yards around here.”

Woods said after being woken out of bed by the blast, he and his fiancée ran outside where they saw Phillips’ wife crying out for help.

Authorities identify man killed in Jeffersonville home explosion

They ran back inside to grab the woman a blanket, wrapping her in it until an ambulance arrived.

“She came walking out of there somehow,” Woods said of the home explosion, which leveled the home. “How she came walking out of that, I don’t know.”

As of Monday, eight families were not able to return to their homes due to structural concerns.

Authorities identify man killed in Jeffersonville home explosion

Vectren, the area’s natural gas provider, put them up in area hotels, said Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore.

At a Monday press conference, Moore said Vectren assured him the company inspected lines around the home and the area was safe.

“I know if I lived a few houses away after something like this happened, I would be wondering about my gas line,” Moore said. “Every gas line around here has been secured.”

LifeSpring, a mental health services provider, said Tuesday it would offer free medical care and counseling for those affected by the Capitol Hills explosion as well as tetanus shots for those involved in the clean up. Those interested were asked to call 812-280-2080.

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