Mexico: 15 bodies found on Jalisco farm

Mexico: 15 bodies found on Jalisco farm

May 17, 2019– Mary Greeley News – Zapopan, Jalisco — The General Proescutor’s office has reported the find of a grave on a farm in the municipality of Zapopan that contains at least 15 bodies.

Head of the State General Prosecutor’s Office of Jalisco, Gerardo Octavio Solís Gómez, reported that 15 bodies have been located so far, one woman and 14 men, on a farm in Colonia El Colli in the municipality of Zapopan.

During a press conference, he added that they initiated the investigation following an anonymous report, “where they sent us information regarding a farm where a series of bodies were apparently located.

“It was immediately processed, and the corresponding investigation began.”

Mexico: 15 bodies found on Jalisco farm

He explained that so far, they have found 15 bodies of which two have already been identified, the only female and one of the men.

Solís Gómez said that they will continue combing through the rest of the farm. “We will continue to work there the rest of the week, as long as necessary, until we process each and every one of the spaces where there could presumably be more people buried.”

He added “there is information that on this farm they were engaged in the sale of drugs. Part of the farm suggests that it was dedicated to housing, while in another part, you can see that drug sales were being carried out.”

All bodies found so far have been those of adults. There have not been any arrests.

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He says there is an uninterrupted effort on the part of Forensic Science personnel of the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office “and other authorities that support us, including Civil Protection and State Police,” to continue with the investigation.

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