Police, school officials sound alarms over ‘Assassin’ squirt gun game

Police, school officials sound alarms over 'Assassin' squirt gun game

May 17, 2019– Mary Greeley News – Michigan: Police chiefs from the six towns in School Administrative Unit 16 are asking Exeter High School seniors to quit playing a squirt gun game called “Assassins” before someone gets hurt.

The chiefs issued a joint warning this week about the dangers of playing the popular game, which is often played by seniors at the end of the year and involves teams of students who must track down their targets and blast them with a water gun.

Police and school officials have voiced similar concerns in the past.

Exeter students began playing the game in recent days. It’s a game that’s become a tradition on high school and college campuses.

Players pay money and try to survive the longest to win the cash prize at the end. The game generally involves two-person teams who must hunt down their assigned targets to “assassinate” them with a water gun.

The game is not sanctioned by the school.

Police said the game has led to nuisance calls, but they could have serious consequences. Some worry that people who aren’t familiar with

Police, school officials sound alarms over 'Assassin' squirt gun game

“Assassins” may not realize the teenagers are playing a game when they’re seen prowling around the community trying to find their targets with water guns that might look real.

“The safety of our children and our communities remains a top priority for area police chiefs and we would be remiss if we did not caution parents and students on the dangers this game involves. In the past, area agencies have responded to calls of students participating in this game, sometimes dressed in black or camouflage with guns hiding in bushes or behind businesses,” police said in the warning issued by chiefs in Brentwood, East Kingston, Exeter, Kensington, Newfields, and Stratham.

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Police said responding to such calls is concerning for officers, even though students think they’re paying a harmless game.

“Our goal is to prevent anything tragic that could come from this game. Due to the safety concerns involved, we strongly urge students and parents not to condone this game and to end participation,” police said.

Principal Mike Monahan said it’s also possible that an officer might respond to a call thinking that it’s a teenager playing the game and be unaware that it’s someone else who’s armed.

“There are a lot of layers to this. It’s not unique to Exeter,” Monahan said.

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