VIDEO: Illegals pour out of manhole in busy El Paso intersection, flee into darkness

VIDEO: Illegals pour out of manhole in busy El Paso intersection, flee into darkness

May 1, 2019– Mary Greeley News – The invasion across the southern border is now occurring from the ground up.


New video shows several illegal aliens pouring out of a manhole in a busy El Paso, Texas intersection.


The video shows several people popping out in the dark of night and running away from the scene.

It wasn’t clear where they were going — maybe the nearest Beto campaign rally?

On Tuesday, Customs and Border Protection in Arizona tweeted surveillance video shows a steady stream of illegals flowing over the border.

Border Patrol reports agents “apprehended a group of 111 Central Americans after they illegally entered the country on Sunday night.”

Democrats still refuse to call the situation on the southern border a “crisis.”

Porous borders are big business with major growth trajectories for the criminal cartels choosing to exploit them.

The border business is so big that the going rate for one single illegal migrant is $7,000.

$7,000 is what the coyotes charge the migrants for an armed escort across the Texas or Arizona border and into the U.S.

Border Patrol agents find boy abandoned by illegals in Texas cornfield

It’s such a big business that coyotes are now reportedly openly advertising on the radio in many Central American countries.

This is not acceptable. No one—at least sitting here at this desk right now—is against immigration. I’m all for it, legally. But how is it right for these human traffickers to be profiting from the total ineptness of our government? How have we created a system that can be so easily exploited?

It’s time to wake up. Keep out the bad people, let in the good ones and at the very least don’t allow criminals to profit from our lack of security.

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