Seven sailors are kicked off nuclear submarine after testing positive for cocaine on duty

Seven sailors are kicked off nuclear submarine after testing positive for cocaine on duty

April 18, 2019– Mary Greeley News – Seven sailors of a nuclear submarine of Great Britain have been caught using cocaine. They were removed from service right before sailing, The Daily Mail reports.

According to the publication, the submarine was to begin operations to track Russian submarines in the North Sea. After the submarine arrived at the naval base in Devonport, where its crew had to prepare for the “secret” mission beyond the Arctic Circle, some of the sailors went to a local party. In the morning, seven of them failed a drug test.

In one of the worst scandals to hit the Navy, the crew members from HMS Talent – which is armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles – were ordered off the submarine after testing positive while on duty.

After the results of the analysis were confirmed, the divers were handed over to the military police, and the departure of HMS Talent was postponed. The submarine is now looking for new sailors to collect a full-fledged team.

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It should be added that the HMS Talent nuclear submarine (S 92) is the sixth in a series of seven submarines of the Trafalgar class of the Royal Navy of Great Britain. The submarine was commissioned in May 1990; it is the carrier of Tomahawk cruise missiles.

When Royal Navy doctors confirmed the results last week, senior officers ordered that they be handed over to military police.

Defence sources said HMS Talent had been due to sail from Devonport on Friday, but the 280ft-long boat was last night still at the Plymouth base.

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The reason for the delay is unclear, but subs require a full complement of crew before going to sea. Typically, HMS Talent sails with a crew of 120 to 130 personnel, including 20 officers. The Royal Navy declined to provide the ranks of those who failed the drug tests.

Its Tomahawk missiles allow submarines from the Astute and Trafalgar class to accurately strike targets on land from a range of about 1,000 miles. The Mail on Sunday revealed in 2013 how the ageing Trafalgar submarines had been issued with ‘Code Red’ safety warnings after inspectors found radioactive leaks. HMS Talent hit the headlines four years ago when she required £500,000 of repairs after striking an iceberg while tracking Russian submarines.

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