Russia; Dog resurrected and climbs out of grave

Russia; Dog resurrected and climbs out of grave

April 18, 2019– Mary Greeley News – A dog owner thought his pet was dead and buried it. Unexpectedly, managed to dig himself out of his grave and make his way home.

This strange event occurred in the village of Novonikolsk in the Primorsky Krai region of the Russian Far East. The 18-year-old dog, Dik, has been asleep for a long time because of his age and its owner thought that Dick had died peacefully and buried it in a nearby pet cemetery.

But the grave is very shallow. Dick woke up soon.

“I found myself being “pitted” and not seeing the sky, so I struggled to dig up the soil.” Quoted the dog according to ETtoday.

He ended up at the side of a nearby motorway where passers-by spotted the exhausted dog.

Russia; Dog resurrected and climbs out of grave

They scooped him up and took him to Otkroi Svoe Serdtse (Open Your Heart) pet shelter.

The exhausted dog was taken to a local animal shelter. The shelter staff posted a photo of poor dog in the social media, hoping to find a new home for it. But dogs owner also learned the news. The sisters were shocked. They quickly rushed to the shelter to take Dik home.

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Irina Mudrova, the head of the shelter, said: “The owner of Dick thought it couldn’t wake up because it was dead. Fortunately, the grave did not dig deep, and Dick recovered successfully and climbed successfully. Come out.”

People in the social media were also amazed at the incident and compared it to Stephen King’s horror novel Pet Sematary. A netizen said, “I don’t know, has Dick’s owner ever seen “Forbidden Cemetery”? Will animals be afraid of death?” “Forbidden Cemetery” describes the dead pet being revived by some force. s story.

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