Scientists found activity in brains of dead pigs

Scientists found activity in brains of dead pigs

April 18, 2019– Mary Greeley News – Did you know your brain is still alive 3 ½ days after death? Some thing I wonder I just might not want to know.

Jesus rose from the dead 3 ½ days later.

Scientists found activity in brains of dead pigs

According to research, hundreds of our genes live on, or even come to life for the first time, for as long as 48 hours after the declaration of clinical death.

So, this new research about the brains of pigs is no surprise to me.

One of the reasons I waited at least 4 days to have a love pet and my x-husband cremated after they died. Yeah, I know frightening thought.

Another research paper I read said hundreds of genes with different functions “woke up” immediately after death. These included fetal development genes that usually turn off after birth, as well as genes that have previously been associated with cancer. Their activity peaked about 24 hours after death.

Science news and many other papers have reported “Scientists have restored cellular activity to pig brains hours after the animals’ death — an unprecedented feat. This revival, achieved with a sophisticated system of artificial fluid, took place four hours after the pigs’ demise at a slaughterhouse.”

I think of the guillotine, a gruesome act not too long ago to execute people. Their heads separated from their bodies lying there watching all that was going on.

Scientists found activity in brains of dead pigs

Back to the pigs. “This is a huge breakthrough,” says ethicist and legal scholar Nita Farahany of Duke University, who wasn’t involved in the research. “It fundamentally challenges existing beliefs in neuroscience. The idea of the irreversibly of loss of brain function clearly isn’t true.”

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The results, reported April 17 in Nature, may lead to better treatments for brain damage caused by stroke or other injuries that starve brain tissue of oxygen. The achievement also raises significant ethical puzzles about research on brains that are not alive, but not completely dead either.

I could have told them that. Jesus not only rose from the dead himself but brought Lazareth back from the dead too.

Science has just once again proven the bible is true.

During six hours in the BrainEx system, these dead brains showed signs of activity. Oxygen and sugar went into the brain tissue, and carbon dioxide came out, analyses of the fluid showed.

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