Arizona mayor declares emergency over ‘imminent threat’ of migrants, Military activity

Arizona mayor declares emergency over 'imminent threat' of migrants, Military activity

April 17, 2019– Mary Greeley News – The mayor of Yuma, Arizona, has declared a state of emergency, saying his city doesn’t have the resources to respond as the Border Patrol releases a growing number of migrants from custody into the Yuma community. Nearly 1,300 migrant family members have been released by U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) to the local shelter system in the last three weeks.

“There’s an imminent threat of having too many migrant releases into our community, and it’s above our capacity as a community to sustain,” Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls said as he announced the measure Tuesday.

“The shelter system has a maximum capacity of 150-200 people, and it exceeded capacity today.” Mayor Nicholls proclaimed

“We are looking for a FEMA-type response. This is not a natural disaster, but it is a disaster either way. Their resources could come in and take care of the situation,” said the mayor, referring to the need for help from government resources such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Mayor Nicholls explained migrant families released to the shelter are waiting to be transported to cities throughout the nation.

They are not staying in the Yuma community. Prior to arriving at the local shelter, each migrant is processed through USBP, has been issued paperwork to travel in the United States, and has been ordered to appear at a court proceeding.

Unusual Military Activity;

Hi Mary: Just a note to let you know of some activity around the Nogales, AZ border area. A week ago, about a mile and a half from my house there were a group of first responders that were engaged in what appeared to be a drill right by the Santa Cruz River, which has water in it.

They had rafts and many vehicles, it was not a rescue, because different groups of people were doing other procedures along with organizing their equipment, there was no urgency to the scene.

Last evening, I was outside and the sun was starting to set and over by the GM testing grounds about 8 miles NW over the opposite mountains I saw a group of Black Hawk helicopters flying towards our house, they got closer.

There were 6 of them and they were ground flying as they got closer, they went to the right of our home, level with a one story house and were so close I could see the pilots, we have a canyon at the right and back of the house, they elevated as they passed the canyon and took off S. and veered E. to Sierra Vista where the Army base is.

3 weeks prior to these events I saw around 5, F-15’s over at the same place at the opposite mountains above the GM training grounds doing flight drills in a combat simulation.

Last night just past 3:30 am Arizona time, we experienced a soft jolt that rattled the dishes, etc. I have been in an EQ in AZ years ago, so I know it is not impossible for one to happen in AZ. So, all in all I feel that something is up just with the first responders and the military doing drills all over the place and then this seismic event, nothing on USGS of course, but heads up. What are your thoughts on all of this? I think we are in trouble. Pray for everyone, God Bless you and your family Mary. Stay safe.

A growing number of migrants are entering through remote areas of Arizona and New Mexico. Customs and Border Protection officials said more than 1,000 migrants had been apprehended in the Yuma sector over the past three days. On Saturday, a group of 50 Central Americans surrendered to agents in the area.

“FEMA shows up at disasters all the time. This isn’t a natural disaster, but it is a disaster either way,” he said. “Their resources could come in and take care of the situation and would effectively handle that.”

“Every person that has been released to us has had a background check and has a health check. They are not just adult males, they would be in family units,” Nicholls said. “We are not anticipating large-scale crime issues. We are not anticipating situations that would make Yuma a dangerous place.”

“The nonprofits have done a great job of continuing to move migrants to their final destinations, which is not Yuma.

They’re looking to move on to other destinations. However, the transportation network is just insufficient in order to keep up with the demand,” he said. “And the backlog of people staying at the shelter has created this capacity issue.”

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The Border Patrol has released more than 11,000 migrant family members at nongovernmental shelters or bus stations along the border since March 19 when it began the practice of releasing noncriminal families directly from custody with notices to appear in court “as a last resort” as apprehensions spiked.

Arizona mayor declares emergency over 'imminent threat' of migrants, Military activity
City of Nogales

Nicholls, a Republican who was elected to be Yuma’s mayor in 2014, said he’s hoping other border communities will make similar declarations, so they can push together for more federal aid.

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Yuma is in the southwest corner of Arizona. About 100,000 people live there.

Since opening three weeks ago, the only migrant shelter in Yuma has grown quickly, from housing 60 people at first to 200, its official maximum capacity. On Tuesday, it was sheltering 214 migrants, all of them men and women with children, and more were on their way.

This isn’t the first-time local leaders in Arizona have pushed back against the federal government’s response to immigration. Earlier this year the Nogales City Council passed a resolution condemning the placement of razor wire on the border wall running through its downtown area.

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