Stockholm ‘EXPLOSION’ – plumes of black smoke ‘COVER’ city after bus bursts into flames

Stockholm 'EXPLOSION' - plumes of black smoke 'COVER' city after bus bursts into flames

March 10, 2019– Mary Greeley News – A city bus has burst into flames after exploding in Stockholm’s city Centre, injuring the driver and blanketing the Swedish capital in thick black smoke.

Swedish media say a Stockholm city bus that didn’t have any passengers on it caught fire from an explosion, but there were no signs it was a terror attack.

Sweden’s Aftonbladet newspaper reported the bus driver was rushed to the hospital but no one else was known to have been injured.

Police spokeswoman Carina Skagerlind told the newspaper an out-of-service city bus powered by natural gas caught fire.

Photos and video footage from the scene show the bus in flames and thick black smoke.

The bus is reportedly located at the crossing of Tegelbacken in the direction of Norrtull, resulting in the closure of two tunnels – the Klaratunneln tunnel and the Söderled tunnel.

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Stockholm fire and rescue officials were called to the Klara Tunnel in central Stockholm at about 11:25am local time on Sunday.

Authorities said the bus might have collided with barriers that hang above the tunnel’s entrance.

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