4.7 magnitude earthquake recorded off coast of Virginia

4.7 magnitude earthquake recorded off coast of Virginia

Jan. 15, 2019– Mary Greeley News – VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A 4.7 magnitude earthquake was recorded Tuesday night off the coast of Virginia, according to the United States Geological Survey.

The agency specifically measured the quake as 219 kilometers from Ocean City, Maryland, — about 125 miles away — around 6:30 p.m.

On the USGS “Did you feel it” web page 78 people have reported feeling it. It had a dept of 10km.

A USGS “shake” map shows the earthquake was felt from Delaware through the Outer Banks, and as far west as Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia.

There are no reports of a tsunami threat or any other effects from the quake. The USGS models show the area in which any kind of light shaking could have occurred was far offshore.

The Richter scale, which measures the strength of earthquakes, goes from 1-10, increasing in intensity times 10 with each level. A 4.7 level quake is considered small to moderate in strength, but they’re much less common on the East Coast than the West Coast of United States, which is set right along major tectonic plates.

The August 23, 2011, Virginia earthquake was a magnitude 5.8, the strongest recorded east of the Rocky Mountains since 1944.

With an epicenter in Louisa County, northwest of Richmond, that quake was widely felt across more than a dozen states in the eastern U.S. and in Canada.

No deaths were reported, but it caused between $200 to $300 million in damage.

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