Members of Texas Gang Facing Drug Charges In South Dakota

Members of Texas Gang Facing Drug Charges In South Dakota

Jan. 13, 2019– Mary Greeley News – Sioux Falls, SD – A dangerous drug ring with ties to a Latin drug-trafficking gang has been busted in Sioux Falls and two members are now awaiting sentencing.

Four men are accused of bringing large amounts of meth and cocaine into Sioux Falls going back to 2013.

According to court documents, Reymundo Sauceda was allegedly delivering drugs from Texas to Sioux Falls.

In 2016, Drug agents say Sauceda’s fingerprints were found on packages containing $13,000 in cash, mailed from Sioux Falls to Texas.

A confidential informant told agents that money was supposed to go the mother of the leader of a national gang active in multiple states known as the Tri-City Bombers.

The TCB is a nationwide operation with members who have been charged with murder, attempted murder, drug trafficking, firearms crimes and money laundering

Acting on a tip, authorities raided a home on South Grange Avenue in Sioux Falls. Law enforcement tried to stop a car that was leaving, but it got away.

While searching the house, authorities were notified someone turned in a backpack to the Sioux Falls Fire Department containing nearly seven pounds of meth and two pounds of cocaine

The informant told agents that Sauceda was running the drugs for a Mexican cartel and that they wanted their missing drugs back and and members of the cartel intended to come to Sioux Falls to find them.

Sauceda is charged with dealing drugs.

Ramiro Reyna Junior, also known as “Ram,” faces drug and weapons charges. Both cases are making their way through the courts.

Martin Rios is currently in custody in an undisclosed location. Rios has plead guilty and will be sentenced on January 28.

Dakota Wright has also plead guilty and will be sentenced in March.

Jacob Lottman is accused of giving someone fentanyl who overdosed and died.

Now, according to papers just filed in federal court, Lottman and Sauceda are accused of retaliating against a witness and injuring that person who provided law enforcement with information.

In addition to the current drug charges both men are facing, they now are accused of obstructing justice as well as aiding and abetting.

We asked authorities where this incident, which happened in July, took place, but were not given any information.

We do know that Jacob Lottman is currently being held in the Yankton County Jail.

Both Lottman and Sauceda are schedule to go on trial in March

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