Brain dead ‘miracle man’ wakes up after his children removed his breathing tubes

Brain dead 'miracle man' wakes up after his children removed his breathing tubes

Jan. 13, 2019– Mary Greeley News – NEW YORK (CBS/CBS Newspath/WKRC) — Scott Marr is cooking eggs as part of his rehab to help his brain recover.

In December the Nebraska man suffered what doctors thought was a major stroke that left swelling in his brain.

“We thought that this wasn’t a recoverable process,” said Dr. Rebecca Runge of Methodist Hospital.

His children were told to say their goodbyes. But after taking him off the ventilator something unexpected happened.

“I went in just to talk to him like we have been this whole time and I said ‘Hi dad’ and he smiled at me and I literally thought I was dreaming. It was the craziest moment ever,” said daughter Preston Marr.

It was such a shock, his family nicknamed him “Miracle Man.” It turns out Marr had a rare condition that causes the brain to swell.

During the two days he was unconscious, Marr remembers seeing his dad, who died two years ago.

“He said get the hell out of here, there’s no work here no work to see — which in my mind is a way to say we’re not ready for you yet.”

Now he’s out of the hospital, getting ready to get back to full strength.

Marr says he credits his faith for his recovery and hopes his near death experience brings comfort to others.

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