Rare zebra-donkey hybrid born in Somerset

Rare zebra-donkey hybrid born in Somerset

Nov 6, 2018 – Named Zippy, the new arrival, which was born last month, is one of only two known ‘zonkeys’ in the UK

Owner Kristine Turner couldn’t believe her eyes when she first spotted the animal on her farm.


She had purchased its mother – a zebra named Ziggy – several years ago and had long hoped that she would produce offspring. The zebra had shared a field with nine donkeys.

It wasn’t until the zonkey was born that Turner even realized that the zebra had been pregnant.

Rare zebra-donkey hybrid born in Somerset

“Last month I opened my bedroom curtains, which look onto the farm, and I just saw this little foal sitting up staring my way,” she said. “I was in complete shock.”

“I ran downstairs in my PJs, put a coat on and went over to see him. He seemed like a right little character and has had a personality from day one.”

“He’s half a wild animal so he’ll nip and kick me a tiny bit but in a cheeky way. Then he’ll dash off. He has quite a fitting name really. He’s calmed down a bit now as he lets me brush him.”

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