Migrant Caravan dismisses Peña Nieto’s regularization plan, more violence

Migrant Caravan dismisses Peña Nieto's regularization plan, more violence

October 30, 2018 – The caravan of Central American migrants that crosses Mexico today rejected the plan announced by President Enrique Peña Nieto to regularize his situation in the country, pointing out that it does not address the causes of the exodus and limits his freedom of movement to the states of Chiapas and Oaxaca.


verb [ T ] uk usually regularise UK /ˈreɡ.jə.lər.aɪz/ US /ˈreɡ.jə.lɚ.aɪz/

to change a situation or system so that it obeys laws or is based on reason:

The position of our formerly illegal workers has now been regularized (= made legal and official).
Some people want to regularize the English spelling system (= change it so that all words follow the same rules for spelling).

In a communiqué issued by civil organizations, the migrants indicated that in an assembly held in the Central Park of the town of Arriaga, state of Chiapas, the response to Peña Nieto’s plan, called “You are in Your House”, was agreed upon.

According to the text, “this plan does not truly respond to the causes of the Central American exodus and therefore does not solve their needs from a perspective that respects their human rights in an integral manner”.

“We do not want more cities or jails states where migrants are confined without freedom of movement or settle where they can lead a dignified life, ” says the statement, adding that if the plan You are in Your House proposes broad possibilities, “that That house is not restricted to Chiapas and Oaxaca but includes all of Mexico.”

Migrant Caravan dismisses Peña Nieto's regularization plan, more violence

Hundreds of migrants enter Mexico by border river

The migrants assert that a dialogue is needed in Mexico City between members of the caravan and the different competent authorities at the federal level, “and especially with the current and incoming government so that they can listen and recognize their realities and reach agreements. agreed by all parties. ”

They also argue that it is necessary to generate informative spaces about the different regularization processes that they can access, as well as respect for the right to migrate and request asylum in the places that people choose as their destinations.

The statement denounces the “constant harassment” of the National Institute of Migration (INM) to the members of the caravan and demands “not to criminalize and guarantee the security and full respect for the human rights of the members of this exodus and those who accompany them as defenders “.

Migrant Caravan dismisses Peña Nieto's regularization plan, more violence

It also calls for the hospitality of the communities through which the migrants will pass, who “depend on the solidarity of the Mexican population, since the response of the Government has been more repressive than humanitarian”.

Finally, he calls on civil society, human rights defense organizations and people in general to be vigilant to monitor and report any abuse or harassment towards caravan members and their companions.

This Saturday, the migrants will depart at dawn to San Pedro Tapanatepec, in the neighboring state of Oaxaca.

Peña Nieto announced on Friday a plan to facilitate the request of refugee status for migrants, aimed especially at those who participate in the caravan that seeks to reach the United States.

“If they have not yet done so and are part of the migrant caravan or previously arrived in Mexico, there is still time to approach the National Institute of Migration to begin the procedures to regularize their situation,” the president said in a video.

Migrant Caravan dismisses Peña Nieto's regularization plan, more violence

He informed that the “You are in Your Home” plan will allow regularizing the migratory status of migrants who are in the states of Chiapas and Oaxaca and contemplates medical attention and a temporary employment program.

To access this plan, it will be essential, if you have not already done so, to go to the INM and process the refugee application.

USA sends 5,000 soldiers to the Mexican border

The US Government announced that it will send 5,200 troops to the Mexican border this week to respond to the arrival of two caravans of Central American migrants, a movement that arrives in the middle of the campaign for the November 6 legislative elections.

A group of 800 soldiers is already on their way to Texas from the military bases of Fort Knox and Fort Campbell, both located in Kentucky, the commander of the North Command of the Department of Defense, General Terrence J. O ‘, explained at a press conference yesterday.

Migrant Caravan dismisses Peña Nieto's regularization plan, more violence

The general indicated that, by the end of the week, the number of troops will be 5,200 and he acknowledged that those who carry weapons will keep them during their mission at the border.

O’Shaughnessy said, the military will limit itself to supporting border agents in air operations to detect illegal activities, as well as in mechanical tasks, such as repairing vehicles and offering medical care to migrants who need it.

Migrant Caravan dismisses Peña Nieto's regularization plan, more violence

Among his tasks will be to reinforce the ports of entry and detect those weakest points and for which migrants could try to cross irregularly, detailed O’Shaughnessy.

The troops, mobilized under what the authorities have called “Operation Patriot Faithful,” will first reinforce the Texas border and then move on to Arizona and California.

Migrant Caravan dismisses Peña Nieto's regularization plan, more violence

The head of the Office of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Kevin McAleenan, said today that his agency has also been preparing for the arrival of migrants and, currently, has a thousand additional troops ready to act in the posts, among which there are riot personnel.

The military that will be deployed this week will join the 2,100 National Guard troops – a reserve corps of the Armed Forces – who have been on the southern border since April due to another caravan of migrants, which in that case began its journey in southern Mexico.

According to McAleenan, some 3,500 people now integrate the first caravan, which was made up of 7,000 migrants; while 3,000 are part of the second convoy.

Migrant Caravan dismisses Peña Nieto's regularization plan, more violence

The first caravan left on October 13 from San Pedro Sula (Honduras) and currently marches through Mexico; while the second convoy entered Mexico today, but its members surrendered to the authorities after they were prevented from entering by force.

In a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Honduras indicated that it “deeply regrets” the death of Honduran Henry Adalid Díaz Reyes, who was hit by a rubber bullet on Sunday.

Díaz Reyes, who received the blow to the head, died when he was transferred by Guatemalan firemen to a welfare center in the municipality of Ayutla, in the southwestern department of San Marcos.

“As a government we reject any form of criminalization and violence against people who migrate, and we ask that this fact be investigated,” the Honduran government emphasized.

Dozens of Honduran migrants seeking to reach the United States, on Sunday pulled down the metal fence that divides Guatemala and Mexico and crossed into that country.

Honduras also expressed its solidarity with the relatives of Díaz Reyes and reiterated “all the support for the repatriation of his body as soon as possible.”

Migrant Caravan dismisses Peña Nieto's regularization plan, more violence

He also urged Hondurans trying to reach the United States to “look for the means put at their disposal by the Government to achieve a safe return to their homes so as not to endanger their lives and that of their families,” according to the bulletin.

Díaz Reyes is the third Honduran to have died on the road since a caravan, now formed by some 7 thousand people, left on the 13th of the city of San Pedro Sula towards the United States and a large part of it marches through Mexico today.

The other two are Honduran Melvin Josué Gómez, who died in Mexico, and Germán Ramírez, who died in Guatemala.

The government said that Hondurans who seek to reach the United States “must respect the laws and sovereignty of countries in transit.”

“The countries of transit are authorized by international law to exercise their sovereignty, applying their immigration laws through their authorities and therefore must be rigorously respected,” adds the statement of the Honduran Foreign Ministry.

A second caravan, of some 1,500 people, is crossing Guatemala scattered in several groups that also has the United States as its destination.

A total of 4 thousand 67 Hondurans who desisted to remain in the caravan have returned to their country voluntarily, according to figures from the National Institute of Migration.

Some 139 Honduran immigrants from the caravan returned from Mexico on Sunday in a plane belonging to the Mexican Federal Police, reported the first lady of Honduras, Ana García.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has adopted a very tough stance, threatening to send the Army to the border, and has assured that it will cut “substantially” the economic aid granted to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador in retaliation for the advance of the migrants, while it has lashed out against Mexico for not stopping it.

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