Migrant Caravan Tears Down Fence at Guatemala Border

Migrant Caravan Tears Down Fence at Guatemala Border

October 19, 2018 – A migrant caravan that started in Honduras and reached the southern border of Mexico appeared to turn back after Mexican federal police arrived at the border to block migrants without proper papers, but then rushed the border fence on the Guatemala side of the border and tore it down.

The caravan of Honduran migrants making their way to the US stormed through a border gate in Guatemala on Friday morning to run over a bridge to Mexico where they were met with tear gas from riot police before being allowed into the country and continue their march towards America.


Migrant Caravan Tears Down Fence at Guatemala Border

The group of around 4,000 migrants overpowered police first in Tecun Uman, Guatemala, to make their way over the short bridge into Ciudad Hidalgo in Mexican’s southernmost state of Chiapas.

On Thursday, Oct. 18, the migrants were seen standing at the shore of the Suchiate River, which separates Guatemala and Mexico, raising fists and waving Honduran and Guatemalan flags.

The caravan, full of some 3,000 migrants, (and growing in numbers) had planned to try to enter Mexico around 11 a.m. local time (CST) on Friday, with some trying to get through main border entrances and others crossing the river on rafts.

Migrant Caravan Tears Down Fence at Guatemala Border

They appeared to turn back after seeing the hundreds of Mexican federal police officers but soon had rushed the border and tore down a tall, yellow metal fence on the Guatemalan side of the border.

The caravan then began streaming toward a bridge that would take them to Mexico. The caravan then began streaming toward a bridge that would take them to Mexico. However, video footage from local UniNoticias reporter Alejandro showed the Mexican side being blocked off about 30 minutes before the rush.

On the Mexico side, the border post is guarded by a heavy security force and tall metal gates. Dozens of Mexican federal police officers were on the border bridge, with hundreds more behind them, after flying to the area this week on orders from Mexican officials, following a request by U.S. President Donald Trump to the presidents of Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras to stop the caravan.

Trump threatened to cut aid to the Central American countries while urging Mexico not to let people in, as the migrants have said they want to go to the United States.

Guatemala also had troops at the border. It wasn’t clear if they were taking any action.

Federal police @CNSeguridadmx already supervises movement in the river… in the Mexican border with Guatemala, despite this the illegal passage through rafts continues #CaravanaDeMigrantes #caravanahondureños

Migrant Caravan Tears Down Fence at Guatemala Border

Mexico Acts (NOT)

Mexico sent federal police officers to the border and had Mexico’s ambassador to Guatemala meet with the migrants to tell them proper papers would be needed to cross into Mexico.

Luis Manuel López Moreno, the ambassador, met with migrants in Guatemala City on Oct. 17, where they passed through on their way north.

In addition to making clear the current requirements for allowing migrants into Mexico, Moreno stressed “that there is no such thing as a transit visa for those wishing to cross Mexico to reach its northern border,” according to a press release from the Mexican government.

He also informed migrants of the serious risks posed by “irregular entry” into the country, including migrant smuggling and human trafficking networks.

If people enter Mexico illegally, they’ll be caught and returned to their countries of origin, the government added.

But Moreno told the Wall Street Journal on Friday that the border was not closed and that Mexico would allow some 100 migrants a day into the country to review their humanitarian and asylum requests.

“These people are in great need. The border is not closed, we are open to receive them with order and according to the law,” he said.

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