Italy earthquake: Naples ROCKED by strong 5.3 earthquake

Italy earthquake: Naples ROCKED by strong 5.3 earthquake

The magnitude 5.3 earthquake hit near Italy’s eastern coastline, close to the city of Montecilfone in the Molise region.

People ran from their homes after the shaking began, but early reports indicate there was only minor damage.

The tremor could be felt as far away as Rome and Naples, according to data from the United States Geological Survey.

The mayor of Montecilfone, Franco Pallotta, said on SkyTG24: ”Some old walls that were already in bad shape have collapsed, but there’s no major damage.

A woman resident in the historic center of Larino was hospitalized because of the head injuries caused by a cornice fallen due to the shock. Local sources have also heard of another person injured in Montecilfone by falling rubble on the street. People in the street all over Molise, from Larino to Isernia, to Campobasso and throughout the area of the lower Molise.

Many aftershocks have been felt ranging from a M5.5, M5.1, M4.8 and a M3.5.etc.

“People are alarmed. Thank God, I have no news of injuries.”

Italians recorded their experiences of the earthquake on earthquake monitoring website CSEM-EMSC.

It was estimated over ten million people felt this earthquake.

Italy earthquake: Montecilfone, Naples ROCKED by strong 5.3 earthquake

One resident living some 17km from the epicenter said: “I felt it very strong! Fear on the streets, everyone is on the street.”

Another said: “Short large shake. Was on the stairs and scrambled outside.”

Footage posted on social media shows the moment ceiling lights in a house began to shake with the tremor.

In another clip, people in the coastal town of Termoli can be seen gathering in a central square after the quake.

Today’s tremor is the second quake to hit the Molise region so far this week.

On Tuesday, a 4.6 magnitude earthquake also struck near Montecilfone.

No damage was reported, but residents in the area reported feeling the earth move.

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