TSA Announces New 3D Scanners at Airports

TSA Announces New 3D Scanners at Airports

At JFK airport, new technology is in place to alleviate those TSA checkpoints.

A 3D upgrade as TSA screeners search carry-ons for guns, knives, explosives, liquids and gels.

“And with one finger, I simply rotate the image at any axis that I want,” said John Stone with Analogic, creators of the scanners.

Like a medical cat scan, the software removes the clutter from over-stuffed bags, then highlights in red any potential threat.

“If you unpack the clutter, the officers are able to delineate what’s suspicious and what’s not faster,” said Stone.

JFK follows Phoenix and Boston airports in rolling out the new scanners.

TSA Announces New 3D Scanners at Airports

The TSA hopes to have up to 40 scanners in 15 airports by January, but it will take several years to place all 2,000 of them at every airport nation-wide.

As for Idaho Falls Airport, director Rick Cloutier says he has not been given a timeline of when to expect these to hit their security lines, but was excited in calling the 3D scanners the new wave of airport security.

A new wave that will save passengers time, as well as some of their items, specifically liquids and gels.

“The machines will automatically be able to detect and discern what those are. And then just alarm if there’s a reason for an alarm on something in a carry-on bag,” said TSA administrator Admiral David Pekosky.

By the end of 2019 there are expected to be 145 nationwide.

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