Another chairlift carries skier toward erupting volcano in Chile

VIDEO: Chairlift carries skier toward erupting volcano in Chile

A skier had a front row seat view of a volcanic eruption in Chile.

Gonzalo Llamas Sebesta recorded video as a chairlift carried him toward the erupting Nevados de Chillán volcano.

The volcano was spewing a 5,000-foot column of dust and ash into the air.

Helpless skiers could do nothing but was the volcanic eruption unfold as they sat stuck on a ski lift at a popular resort in Chile.
The volatile Nevados de Chillán erupted and spewed a 5,000ft plume of smoke, dust and ash into the sky.
Chile’s national emergency office, ONEMI, immediately issued a yellow alert — the second highest on its scale — to communities living close to the volcano.
Gonzalo Llamas Sebesta, an Argentinian holidaymaker, was one of the many tourists who filmed the eruption at the ski resort in the Andes mountains.

The footage, which went viral, was captured while stuck on a ski lift travelling towards the eruption.

In the video, the volcano can be seen erupting just past the ski peak of the mountain.

Despite the chaotic scenes seen in the footage, there have not been any evacuations yet.

This isn’t the first time this has happened.

In January of this year in Japan a Self-Defense Forces member died and 11 other people were injured after a volcano erupted near a ski resort in Gunma Prefecture on Tuesday morning, spewing cinders and possibly causing an avalanche.

The unexpected eruption of Mount Moto-Shirane in Gunma Prefecture halted ski lift operations, leaving around 80 people, including tourists from Taiwan and Britain, temporarily stranded in a restaurant near the top of the mountain.

Now in Chille

Nevados de Chillán volcano, which last experienced a major eruption in 2009, is one of the most active volcanic clusters in the world.
Since July, there have been a series of earthquakes and other seismic activity associated with explosions from the volcano.

According to Chile’s 24 Horas news agency, there are six other volcanoes in the area that have been upgraded in alert status from the National Emergency Office.

There are concerns that the rise in seismic activity puts the surrounding region at risk of a major red-alert eruption in the near future.

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