Eruptive activity, lava output remains low

Eruptive activity, lava output remains low

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said Wednesday that activity and lava output from fissure 8 remains low.

The morning overflight crew observed a small active lava lake within the fissure 8 cone, a weak gas plume and a drained upper lava channel. The surface of the lava lake was 5-10 yards below the spillway entrance.

There was a diminishing number of small active ooze-outs near the coast on the Kapoho Bay and Ahalanui lobes, and the laze plume was greatly diminished. Active lava remained close to the Pohoiki boat ramp but hadn’t advanced significantly toward it.

The significance of this change is not yet clear, and hazardous conditions remain in the area. HVO field crews and the drone team will monitor activity throughout the day and overnight.

The last summit collapse event occurred shortly before noon Aug. 2.

It is common for eruptions to wax and wane or pause completely, according to HVO.

A return to high levels of lava discharge or new outbreaks in the area of active fissures could occur at any time, HVO cautioned.

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