How Much Do Our Smart Devices Really Hear?

How Much Do Our Smart Devices Really Hear?

Here’s a question that’s been in the headlines a lot lately –

Do our smart devices really listen to us all the time?

Emily Medalen fills us in after digging into the topic.

It’s an eerie thing to think about… our smart devices listening to, and sometimes even watching our every move.

And it turns out, the way technology has evolved it’s made it so we rarely have any privacy at all.

Almost any smart device you can purchase today has the ability to listen and respond to you.

But – is there a line to be drawn?

In order for these devices to work, they need to be constantly listening for key words.

And since smart speakers are now in 39 million American homes…

“We have an Alexa at home, and also we’ve got the iPhones, all different kinds of computers, everything,” says Jefferson White, Smart Device User.

Many are concerned about just how much they may be hearing.

How Much Do Our Smart Devices Really Hear?

“My phones always with me, or on, yeah,” says White.

But, not everyone sees it as a danger.

“If they can target ads to you, about things that you like or things that you might need, is that really such a bad thing?” says Marlo Anderson, Tech Guru.

No matter what smart assistant, device, or TV we’re using, we know they have the capability of listening to us all the time.

How Much Do Our Smart Devices Really Hear?

Anderson says one way to try to stop that, is turning off the microphone with this button. But the only foolproof way is by unplugging your device altogether.

“They don’t actually ever really turn off anymore. If you’ve ever noticed this, when you turn it off with the remote, it’s just kind of on standby all the time,” says Anderson.

So as technology continues to progress…

How Much Do Our Smart Devices Really Hear?

“Our privacy is just disappearing,” says Anderson.

If you’re one of the 47 million Americans with access to a smart device – remember, shutting it down completely is the only way to be certain it can’t hear you.

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