UK: Rat cafe launched at the York Dungeon

UK: Rat cafe launched at the York Dungeon

LOOKING for afternoon tea with a difference?

Enjoy a cup of tea, a slice of cake and a cuddle with a rodent at York Dungeon’s newest event.

The city center attraction has launched a rat cafe to banish any myths about rats being carriers of the plague.

And the event, hosted in partnership with the Yorkshire Rat Club, has already been a sell-out success.

York Dungeon’s marketing executive, Simon Alnaimi, said: “Obviously a lot of us think of rats as unclean and disease-ridden, but in reality, rats make very clean pets, and they love attention too.

“Working with the Yorkshire Rat Club has been nothing short of fantastic, their knowledge and passion is part of what made this event so successful, and it’s fantastic to hear about each rat and their unique personalities.”

Guests at the site’s tavern met some of the club’s tame rats, named Ron, Frank, Kirk, Spike and Sirius, at the first event.

Tickets are on sale for the next rat cafe on October 18 and for more information visit
Tickets are about $45.

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