Are Humans Becoming Worthless?

Are Humans Becoming Worthless?

Does what you do for a living have any impact upon the world and is your job pointless?

Let’s face it, with automation and technology humans are only useful in doing jobs that machines still can’t, but this is about to change, even the most popular jobs like truck driver are getting replaced.

It’s a headline that is all too familiar these days. As the world of automation grows and workers are being replaced by robots in factories, farming, and even food service – the concern of what to do with this displaced workforce is becoming a leading topic among economists as well as world and business leaders.

Automation will do everything in the future, even things we thought that were impossible for machines to do a few years ago, that leads us to the dilemma..

Are Humans Becoming Worthless?

Poverty or Universal Basic Income?

According to surveys conducted in the UK and America, between a quarter and a third of people believe what they do for a living makes no meaningful contribution to society.

As automation is seemingly on the verge of replacing almost every job on the planet, it is appropriate to ask whether most jobs need to be done by humans at all.

The universal basic income is the replacement of the existing 9-5 jobs that was useful in the industrial age, but not in today’s world.

Martin Ford, author of Rise of the Robots, his doom and gloom predictions of the not so distant future of when not robots, but algorithms and technology advance to a point that there is no need for the average, middle class worker.

Think about data processing, machines essentially do it for us already. Accounting? Nursing? We have systems programming, MIS departments, teams of people who watch over the machines now, for sure – but how much longer until they run themselves? Deep learning and artificial intelligence is breaking new grounds every day. In fact, you could say some of the brightest minds are now working towards creating a future in which robots run everything for us.

And companies are okay with this. In fact, they want it.

McDonalds announced by 2020 to have self-ordering Kiosks in every restaurant.

Every McDonald’s In U.S. Will Have Self-Order Kiosks By 2020

There will also always be the need for creators. There’s an idea floating out there among some economists that would save us all from when the robots come to take our jobs. It’s called the U.B.I. – Universal Basic Income.

Basically, everyone is given a minimum living expense to cover housing, food, and healthcare, and anyone who wishes to succeed above just simply existing would have the chance to do so. It would promote thinkers, tinkerers, and idea makers to continue in higher education, and become the global leaders who bring about the next best age for our world. Some do see it as a step towards true Utopia, and not some dystopian future where the very few sits atop the billions of poor.

Are Humans Becoming Worthless?

But in a government that couldn’t even agree on a spending bill, which resulted in a shut down; and considering how half the elected officials treat welfare and subsidies, the chances of a guaranteed minimum income is more of a far-fetched futuristic idea than the notion of robots taking over our workforce.

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