Alien-like lava eggs appear in Hawaii after volcanic eruption

Alien-like lava eggs appear in Hawaii after volcanic eruption

They may look like something straight from a science fiction movie, but these are the lava eggs that have formed in Hawaii, as a massive volcano continues to erupt.

Hawaii’s Big Island is in the midst of experiencing the Kilauea volcano, after it erupted earlier this week.

As locals deal with the fallout of the blast, photographer Joseph Anthony has captured a unique look at the lava eggs that have continued to form.

Although emissions are continuing to decrease from the summit, huge movements from the volcano are continuing to occur – with one shaking being recognized as a 4.4 magnitude earthquake.

Mr Anthony, 44, said: ‘’It was heartwarming to see how the true spirit of Aloha has manifested itself during this time.

‘The relief effort is really one created by the community.

‘The soldiers just stand about making sure people don’t go where they are not allowed, but at the same time they didn’t enforce any restrictions regarding access to 16 and 17 fissure breakouts.

‘The Red Cross are supposedly involved but because they are bound by health and safety and rules and regulations they didn’t want anything to do with helping the community led relief effort.

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