Video: Hero mom saves the day killing gunman outside school

A gunman who targeted a group of families gathered for a Mother’s Day celebration at a school in Brazil was fatally shot by an off-duty cop. Katia Sastre was praised by local officials for her bravery and was credited with saving the day.

police officer answered the call of duty on her day off when an armed man attempted to rob women and children waiting for a Mother’s Day party to begin at a school in Suzano, a city near São Paulo, Brazil.

The school’s CCTV camera captured the moment the gunman approached the group of people on Saturday morning, raising his gun and trying to steal a bag. Unbeknownst to him, 42-year-old police officer Katia da Silva Sastre was one of the women in the crowd.

She quickly drew her gun and fired at a close range, hitting him in the chest and leg. He fell on his back and aimed the weapon at the woman before he let go of it and surrendered. She took his gun and held him within shooting range until she thought it was safe to approach him, turning him around so he’d be lying on his stomach, neutralized, until the emergency services arrived.

The gunman, identified as 21-year-old Eliventon Neves Moreira in Brazilian media, was taken to a hospital, where he died of the injuries.

Mary Greeley News