Oreo flavor contest winner doesn’t get prize

Oreo flavor contest winner doesn't get prize

LITTLETON, Colo. (CNN) — A Colorado woman says she submitted an idea for an Oreo cookie flavor, which the company subsequently used.

But she’s crying foul because she never got the prize that was promised to her.

Taylor Young of Lone Tree submitted the Cherry Cola idea to Oreo a year ago this month.

“It was really exciting,” said Young.

She got an immediate response.

“Shortly after, I got a little box with two cherry cola cookies,” she said.

Oreo also responded with a note.

“Dear Taylor, Thanks for sending us your idea. We thought it was so delicious, we turned it into this one-of-a-kind creation just for you…” read the note.

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Young was on cloud nine. After all, the winning flavor takes home $500,000.

“From what I can tell, I was the first person to tweet that idea,” said Young.

But then for Young, the contest went sour.

Oreo stopped communicating with her.

And then in December, she saw her cookie on store shelves.

“I reached out to them and I said, ‘I’m seeing that my cookie won,'” said Young.

Oreo finally responded, saying Cherry Cola was already in development, so it wasn’t her idea.

It was their’s.

“That’s not cool. But if they claim they already had it in their back pocket, then they don’t need to provide prizes to anyone,” she said.

Oreo and its parent company have not responded.

“If there was a kid who had come up with this and their mom and dad submitted it and they saw their cookies on the shelves in them they didn’t get it. That’s really sad,” said Young.

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