Soda Springs Residents Experiencing Mysterious Flooding

Soda Springs Residents Experiencing Mysterious Flooding

Richard Johnson has been living in his Soda Springs home for over 20 years.

In the winter of 2016, he first encountered a problem that would change his day to day life.

“We had a big rain and snow storm and started seeping in around the, where the wall meets the floor, and hasn’t stopped since,” said Johnson.

Now fast forward two-and-a-half years, the mysterious flooding in Johnson’s basement has only gotten worse.

There is so much water that in the short time I interviewed Johnson, his humidifier was turned off to prevent background noise.

After the seven-minute interview, humidity in his home jumped from 44 percent, to 57 percent.

“Now I’ve got, eight pumps, spares, but there’s three running 24 hours a day,” said Johnson.

Soda Springs Residents Experiencing Mysterious Flooding

Since the flooding began in Johnson’s home two years ago, his neighbors progressively became introduced to the flooding as well.

Soda Springs Residents Experiencing Mysterious Flooding

One neighbor sold their property because of it, another nearby house was taken off the housing market because it was ruled unlivable, and one neighbor had her first encounter only a week ago.

Another local area experiencing this is the soda springs shooting complex, about a mile from Johnson’s neighborhood.

“We do have ground runoff water sometimes in the spring, but this has started last October,” said Richard Langedyke, a range master at the complex.

The flooding has taken up most of the 300-yard shooting range, and while everyone has their theories about what this water could be stemming from, nobody has real answers.

The community has decided to come together this Saturday to discuss how to keep this from getting worse.

But if things do continue to worsen, Johnson’s home of twenty plus years could be seeing its last days.

“Probably fill in the basement. Or tear the house down, that’s the two options right now,” said Johnson.

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