Owls born outside of office window won’t stop staring at workers inside

Owls born outside of office window won't stop staring at workers inside

It’s always nice to see animals in nature, just maybe not when they’re staring at you throughout your work day.

According to Michael Lens’ a bunch of owls were born outside of their coworker’s windowsill recently, and now they’re all grown up.

Maybe they think his coworker is their dad? Either way, it’s both cute and unsettling.

After sending off the tweet, the window friends became excellent fodder for some Twitter owl puns:

If it were me, I would ask the owls for a Hogwarts letter just in case. You never know.

Aside from the ripe comedy possibilities, Twitter felt it important to mention this guy:

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credit: https://mashable.com/2018/04/12/owls-on-coworkers-window/?utm_cid=hp-h-1#iO7LfxH44iqW