Stolen ‘Alien Tombstone’ Sought

Stolen 'Alien Tombstone' Sought

A Dallas attorney with an affinity for UFO lore hopes that a fairly hefty cash reward can help resolve the case of the missing Aurora alien tombstone.

The marker, which depicts a flying saucer with three portholes, once sat in a graveyard in the Texas city of Aurora where, legend has it, the pilot of a crashed UFO had been buried in 1897.

However, following publicity about the case in 1972, the grave marker was stolen from the site and a facsimile of the tombstone that replaced it was also pilfered from the location in 2012.

In its place today is a sizeable boulder that stands as an official marker of where is it said that the ‘space man’ had once been laid to rest.

Regardless of whether one believes the tale or not, both skeptics and UFO enthusiasts concede that there is likely nothing particularly alien buried in the cemetery today since either the crash never happened or the government came and recovered the ET from its grave.

Nonetheless, the Aurora incident has become an iconic UFO case, seemingly increasing in popularity in recent years, and the cemetery itself is something of a tourist destination for curious travelers.

Stratton Horres was one such visitor to the location and it led to him conceiving of a way to possibly put right what once went wrong and return the marker to the alleged alien grave.

The civil defense lawyer has offered up $1,000 to anyone who can help in the recovery of the stolen gravestone and told the Ft. Worth Star Telegram that “it will be no questions asked. I don’t want anyone to feel like they were in trouble.”

Should he be able to get his hands on the marker, Horres plans to have it studied in an attempt to learn more about its origin and then turn it over to the city of Aurora where it can be returned to the spot where it once sat.

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