‘Mass censorship’ v ‘bot purge’: Twitterati split over alleged crackdown on conservative voices

‘Mass censorship’ v ‘bot purge’: Twitterati split over alleged crackdown on conservative voices

Twitter accounts were locked in a reported “purge” of right-wing voices.

The move, which has yet to be confirmed by Twitter has nonetheless been labelled an attempt at “mass censorship” by critics, is thought to be a bid to rid the platform of automated accounts – or ‘bots’ – set up to artificially amplify conservative campaigns online.

Some of the more rabid elements of conservative Twitter have reacted with incredulity, claiming they have lost hundreds of followers who, like them, have been targeted for their cutting-edge commentary and off-beat political polemics.

Seems Twitter isn’t the only site cleaning up the clutter, as some are calling it.

Medium has suspended the accounts of Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec, and Laura Loomer. Unfortunately, this means that “articles” like Cernovich’s “How I Would Run for Congress” are no more. Links to any of the suspended accounts (or their published works) redirect to the dreary white suspension page, which reads “This page is unavailable.”

While first pointed out on February 19 by Nathan Bernard on Twitter, it’s entirely possible that the suspensions could have occurred earlier in the month and gone unnoticed. The most likely culprit is the company’s February 7 update to their ‘Medium Rules’ section. Calling it an “update” is a bit of an understatement; it’s more like a total overhaul, with a targeted purpose.

By far the biggest change made by Medium is the addition of a section called “Related Content,” which reads “We do not allow posts or accounts that engage in on-platform, off-platform, or cross-platform campaigns of targeting, harassment, hate speech, violence, or disinformation. We may consider off-platform actions in assessing a Medium account, and restrict access or availability to that account.” (Emphasis ours.)

With no official comment from Twitter on what, if anything, is actually happening, The Twitterati are showing no signs of dropping #TwitterLockout

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credit: https://www.rt.com/news/419418-conservative-purge-twitter-bots/

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