Teenage Boy Found Dead After Receiving HPV Vaccine

Teenage Boy Found Dead After Receiving HPV Vaccine

Colton Berrett was a healthy thirteen-year-old boy he until he was found dead as a result of receiving a Gardasil HPV vaccine.

Colton received the last of three vaccines back in February 2014, but shortly after receiving the injections he became incapacitated and paralyzed from the neck down.

He was then rushed to the hospital two weeks later where he was submitted to intensive care.

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Shortly before Colton died he express he was “angry that they’re still giving out the vaccine. They don’t care that people are getting hurt. It’s a joke.”

Sadly Colton is no longer with us he died over the weekend… but he left a powerful message for others . . .

Teenage Boy Found Dead After Receiving HPV Vaccine

“You gotta do your research. You can’t just trust the doctor anymore . . . “According to Vaxxter Colton was a very active boy who enjoyed motocross and indoor skydiving, but soon after receiving his third dose of the HPV vaccine he began to feel ill with intense neck pain before asking his mother to assist him drinking water.

“Mom, can you give that to me in my left hand. I can’t use my right arm very good; it is weak.”

After MRI taken at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, it was confirmed Colton was paralyzed from the neck down.

Many doctors who have tried to uncover the truth about the dangers of vaccines have met a grizzly end.

A prominent holistic doctor, who was famous for his outspoken views on Big Pharma and vaccines, was found dead in Florida.

Dr. James Winer of the Winer Wellness Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was found unconscious on his hotel room floor while on vacation.

Another doctor who warned families about the dangers of mandatory vaccines was found dead a day after he was reported missing.

The body of Dr. Peter Cianfrani, 70, was discovered by search teams on Wednesday morning just off the Perkiomen Trail in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Teenage Boy Found Dead After Receiving HPV Vaccine

In September on the web site DailyMail.com, another teenage girl died in her sleep weeks after being given the controversial human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, a new documentary has claimed.

Jasmin Soriat, 19, a student from Vienna, suffered neurological symptoms after having a second dose of the injection and suffered respiratory failure three weeks later.

A pathologist who examined her body has said the vaccine could have been the cause of her death.

Jasmin’s story is one of ‘hundreds of documented deaths following the HPV vaccine’ according to claims in a new three-part documentary, titled Sacrificial Virgins.

Thousands of girls around the world have suffered adverse reactions, often developing chronic fatigue syndrome.

Teenage Boy Found Dead After Receiving HPV Vaccine

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