China Preparing for NUCLEAR WAR; Full-page Newspaper article tells citizens How to Survive

China Preparing for NUCLEAR WAR; Full-page Newspaper article tells citizens How to Survive

The government of China has taken the extraordinary step of publishing a full-page newspaper story.

In it tells residents of Jilin – near the border of North Korea – how they can survive a nuclear war.

While some believe this story is based on concerns that North Korea might actually attack China, it more likely that China knows a war is about to break out between the US and North Korea which WILL involve the detonation of nuclear weapons on the Korean peninsula!

Should a nuclear attack ever occur near China’s Jilin Province, which shares its border with North Korea, residents will now know how to protect themselves—thanks to a full-page article that ran in the local state-run newspaper Jilin Daily on Dec. 6.

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The article, titled “Nuclear Weapons General Knowledge and How to Protect Oneself,” described in great detail the features of nuclear weapons, how they explode, their after-effects, and how to take shelter and maximize one’s chances of surviving an attack.

For instance, if one is situated outside: either hide in a ditch and cover one’s exposed skin with light-colored clothing, or submerge oneself in a nearby river or lake, the article advises.

The article, which came with cartoon illustrations of how to minimize the effects of radiation, was also accompanied by two pieces on emergency items to pack and another titled, “common traits between wartime air attacks and normal disasters.” Here is an image of the actual newspaper article:

The article did not mention by name North Korea, Jilin’s neighbor that has recently heightened tensions with a slew of nuclear tests.

But considering that North Korea’s nuclear site is estimated to be about 76 kilometers (47 miles) from the border with Jilin, the precautions are probably a good idea should tensions further escalate. Tonghua City, with 2.3 million residents, is about 200 kilometers (124 miles) from the North Korean border.

South Korea and the United States recently launched their largest-ever joint aerial drills on Monday, Dec. 4, a week after North Korea said it had tested its most advanced intercontinental ballistic missile in its weapons program.

US upped-the-ante; Conducts simulated bombing runs on North Korea

The US responded to North Korea’s latest missile launch with a simulated bomb run from a B-1B Lancer bomber and an F-22 in a marked escalation in military signaling.

North Korea hates the B-1 bomb runs and have threatened to shoot the plane down.

With the US’s most lethal planes doing the signaling, it’s unclear how much higher tensions can rise.

The US carried out another simulated bomb run with a supersonic B-1B bomber on Wednesday, but this time it included the US’s top-of-the-line air superiority fighter, the F-22, according to Yonhap.

China Preparing for NUCLEAR WAR; Full-page Newspaper article tells citizens How to Survive

B-1 flights represent the US’s go-to response for North Korean provocations, such as missile tests, and the bomber flights draw a strong, sometimes dangerously escalating response from Pyongyang.

Previously, North Korea threatened to shoot down B-1s flying even outside its airspace and to loft missiles at Guam, where the B-1s are based.

China Preparing for NUCLEAR WAR; Full-page Newspaper article tells citizens How to Survive

But North Korea has a problem there. It apparently can’t track the B-1 in flight because of its outdated radar and air-defense systems, according to NK News.

The F-22 is the world’s stealthiest aircraft, meaning it’s extremely unlikely North Korea could see it coming.

The combined B-1 and F-22 drill represents a step up in the normal tit-for-tat between the US and North Korea. It also comes during the Vigilant Ace aerial exercise that China and Russia warned the US about.

“Through the exercise, the South Korean and US air forces have demonstrated the alliance’s strong will and capability for strong retaliation against North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats,” South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said, according to Yonhap.

But with the US using its best planes to message North Korea, and Pyongyang demonstrating missiles that experts assess can hit anywhere in the US, it’s unclear just how much higher tensions on the Korean Peninsula could escalate.

Here’s the “likely” outcome

North Korea has developed both long-range missiles AND nuclear bombs, both of which they were specifically forbidden to do by the United Nations Security Council.

Despite decades of negotiations, foreign aid, ever-escalating economic sanctions imposed by the UN, and lots of talk, North Korea has lied, cheated, and stolen in its efforts to secure these weapons and the means to deliver them.

The United States has made explicitly clear we will NOT accept North Korea having these weapons and the means to deliver them to the United States.

North Korea has made explicitly clear they will NOT give-up those weapons.

These two diametrically-opposite positions cannot peacefully co-exist. War is now inevitable. It cannot — and will not — be avoided.

China knows this.

The United States knows this.

North Korea knows this.


So, America, we’re going to war. Get used to the idea because it is coming – and coming soon.

The US will attack North Korea first. We will target their missile and nuclear weapons facilities, then we will STOP. We do not plan an invasion or regime change.

What comes next is anyone’s guess. Will North Korea “respond” or will they “react.” There’s a world of difference between those two things.

If North Korea “responds” it may be a reasoned, conventional attack. If, however, North Korea “reacts” then anything is possible — even their launching of nuclear-tipped missiles against the mainland of the United States.

If North Korea uses a nuke against . . . anyone . . . the United States will utterly obliterate them with nuclear weapons launched from US Nuclear Missile Submarines.

China probably believes North Korea will “react” instead of “respond” and when that takes place, the nukes will fly.

THIS is, in my personal view, the reason for China telling its people “How to survive” a nuclear war. They don’t fear an attack against China from North Korea, they are realizing that nuclear fallout from inside North Korea will blow into China and they want their people safe.

CHINA-North Korea Mutual Defense Treaty

There is a long-standing Treaty between China and North Korea which basically says that China will defend North Korea if it is attacked.

It is remotely possible that China may launch against the US and they are telling their people how to survive because they know the US will launch back. While this is a possibility, I find it to be very remote.

We’re China’s best business customer. China is our best financial lender. It makes no sense to destroy those relationships with war.

So again, my bet it, the US attacks North Korea (SOON) and then . . . . who knows?

I believe such an attack will come as Winter really sets-in over there because winters in Korea are brutal. ANd the North Koreans do not have the infrastructure and logistics chain to supply their troops if war breaks out in winter. We, however, actually do have the infrastructure and logistics chain to supply OUR troops – especially our missile crews, which will take care of most of this effort . . . at least initially.

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