Hackers play ISIS recruitment songs on radio station

Hackers play ISIS recruitment songs on radio station

A radio station in Sweden was hacked by the Islamic State on Friday. Listeners heard 30 minutes of a propaganda song instead of regular programming–on commercial radio station Mix Megapol–after hackers took over the station’s frequency.

“Somebody interfered with our frequency using a pirate transmitter,” said Jakob Gravestam, the marketing director at Bauer Media Group, which owns Mix Megapol.

In a press release, Gravestam said, “We will report the incident to police and to the National Post and Telecom Agency.”

The song listeners heard is called “For the sake of Allah,” and featured male voices singing in English. The lyrics included phrases such as, “For the sake of Allah we will march to gates of the paradise where our maidens await.”

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The song also said, “We are men who love death just as you love your life, we are soldiers who fight in the day and the night.”

The interruption occurred during Mix Megapol’s popular morning show, “Anders & Gry with Friends,” which normally plays songs by Ed Sheeran and Carly Rae Jepsen. According to reports, the hosts were unaware of the hack and fund out their frequency had been compromised after listeners called in and asked about the strange programming.

“A lot of people have called us about this. We are very happy that people are vigilant, and we treat this very seriously,” Gravestam said, reporting to website 24Malmo.

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Asked how such a hack could be prevented in the future, Gravestam said, “It’s very difficult. If you have a pirate transmitter, you have the ability to enter and take over a frequency.”

Mix Megapol is one of Sweden’s biggest radio stations, and broadcasts to around 1.4 million listeners each day. The change in broadcasting only affected listeners in the southern Swedish city of Malmo.

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