Video Shows Wild Turkey’s Circling Dead Cat

A bizarre scene of a group of wild turkey’s walking in a circle around a dead cat was caught on video by a Massachusetts man who perhaps described it best: an attempt to give the feline its 10th life.

Video Shows Wild Turkeys Circling Dead Cat

A Turkey’s funeral? Paying their respect? Wasthis cat not just King of the Cat’s but also Turkey’s?

Jonathan Davis came across the fowl play in the Boston suburb of Randolph Thursday. He posted a video on Twitter that he says was viewed a half million times by the late afternoon.

The recording shows what appears to be 17 turkey’s circling the cat.

David Scarpitti, Massachusetts’ foremost turkey expert, to sort things out. The turkeys’ behavior is “unusual” and “really quite amazing,” he says. But he thinks he can explain it.

Turkeys, he says, are naturally fearful of cats, which can be a threat to younger, smaller birds. So it’s likely that, when they came across a dead one in the road, they were very curious to see what was going on, and whether it was alive.

At the same time, turkeys tend to follow a leader or two as they roam through suburban yards in search of food (they have a diet mostly of nuts, grains, and berries—no cats). So if one leader took it upon itself to march around the corpse and inspect it, it makes sense that the others would follow its lead, while keeping a safe distance from the fallen feline. Hence, a near perfect circle.

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