Hold On: Animal Warning For Earthquakes. Feb 10, Los Angeles Lost Pets

The lost animal count continues to grow.

Lost pets

There was a whopping 31 dog listed as missing or found in the Los Angeles area and 7 cats.

San Diego had only 7 dogs as listed and 2 cats.

If the missing animal count is a indication of a large earthquake coming what area would you pick?

The largest earthquake’s for the Southern California area was a M 3.4 – 10km SE of Running Springs, CA a depth of 9.7km

And a M 2.6 – 18km SSE of Santa Barbara, CA at a depth of 1.3km.

If the San Andreas fault does rupture it would be better for it to go from south to north direction. If it ruptures in the opposite direction, (north to south) there would be much more damage because of the funneling effect it would have going through it mountains into Los Angeles, them spraying out like a hose narrowing the P wave they being forced out the end of the hose.

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