Cruz-Sanders Debate Viewers Pounce On CNN Over What Was Seen In Woman’s Hand During Television Airing

CNN has been caught handing a out question to a member of the audience instructing her what to ask Ted Cruz during Tuesday nights debate with Bernie Sanders about the future of Obamacare.

Viewers Pounce On CNN Over What Was Seen In Woman’s Hand During Cruz - Sanders Debate

The Question that was read by Carol Hardaway:

I have multiple sclerosis but could not afford insurance – without the treatment or medications i need, i had problems with walking, with my speech, and my vision. When the affordable care act was passed I moved from our home state of Texas because they refused to expand Medicaid to Maryland and within 2 weeks I started receiving treatments through Medicaid and am now well enough to work as a substitute teacher.

Senator Cruz, can you promise me that you and the Republican leaders in congress will have – actually have a replacement plan in place for people like me who depend on their Medicaid? In other words, I like my coverage, can I keep it?

Below is a close up of the question that was asked to Senator Ted Cruz. The email is from a Gmal account as you can see from the top of the paper. The subject line reads “Your Question,” as the two photographs below show.

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Viewers Pounce On CNN Over What Was Seen In Woman’s Hand During Cruz-Sanders Debate

Ted Cruz was mocked during a debate with Bernie Sanders on the future of health care in America after he congratulated a woman for ‘dealing with’ multiple sclerosis.

Cruz is a staunch opponent of Obamacare, while Sanders defended the Affordable Care Act as a crucial measure that provides millions of Americans with care.

The senator from Texas was also slammed online for comparing access to birth control to driving a luxury car.

She had asked Cruz how she was going to remain insured if the Senate got rid of Medicaid, which she and millions of other low-income Americans depend on.

He replied: ‘Congratulations on dealing with MS. It’s a terrible disease and congratulations on your struggles dealing with it.’

He went on to say that while Medicaid might work for her, it’s ‘profoundly troubled’ on a national scale, with ’54 per cent of doctors’ refusing to take on new patients covered by the low-income provision.

MS is a chronic illness that disrupts communication between the brain and the body, causing symptoms such as vision loss, pain, fatigue and impaired coordination.

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