Fine I’m walking! Woman Killed at Beijing Badaling Wildlife World

tiger attack

July 31, 2016 – Chinese news reports said the incident occurred when one of the women left the vehicle following an argument with another passenger.

Tigers have killed one woman and injured another at a wildlife park in Beijing, after the pair left their car inside a safari-style attraction.

CCTV footage of the attack showed a tiger approached the woman only 15 seconds after she left the car.

It then attacked her and dragged her off, prompting the second woman to leave the vehicle in an attempt to help.

Another tiger mauled her to death, before carrying off her body.

The two women were accompanied by a man — who aided the rescue attempt — and a small child, who were uninjured, reports said, adding that the park had been ordered to close for “recertification”.


The park allows visitors to drive their own cars, safari style, through an open space where the animals roam free.

Visitors are cautioned not to get out of their vehicles.



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