Russian Military Forces in Crimea Now Possess Modern Air Defense S-400 Systems


July 30, 2016 – Russian military forces in Crimea are in possession of modern air defense S-400 systems, a source from military in Crimea told RIA Novosti Friday.

The Russian Defense Ministry is to restore a radar station in Crimea that detects missiles launched from the Black and Mediterranean seas, reports the Izvestiya daily newspaper.

“Russian military in Crimea is armed with the latest air defense systems S-400,” the source said.

“In the last years NATO has increased the activity of its ships in the Mediterranean and Black seas and deployed an additional navy unit to the naval base in Rota, Spain,” explained editor-in-chief of the Arsenal Otechestva (Arsenal of the Fatherland) magazine Viktor Murakhovsky.


“The base not only has anti-missile systems but also cruise missiles that can be used against Russia. Moscow must react to such things,” he said in May.

He believes that Moscow’s main concerns arise from the United States’ deployment of a European anti-missile system on Romanian territory.

“The new base is supplied with the Aegis Ashore System with the MK-41 universal ship firing systems that can be used for launching missiles. Moscow cannot determine what the MK-41s are equipped with: the SM-3 air defense missile or the Tomahawk winged missiles,” said Murakhovsky.

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In, S-300 Air Defense Systems left in Crimea in Ukraine will be conserved and not used by Russian forces, a source from military in Crimea told RIA Novosti Saturday.

“S-300 systems remaining in the Crimea after Ukraine, will be preserved and will not be used by the Russian army,” the source said.

Air defense forces were tasked with detecting the enemy, identifying aircraft types and carrying out electronic missile launches. Su-35, Su-30, Su-24 and Su-25 planes, as well as S-400, S-300 and Pantsir-S1 mobile surface-to-air missile systems took part in the exercise.

The S-400 is capable of tracking some 300 targets and engaging three dozen simultaneously.

It has a range of several hundred kilometers.



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