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US notifies sale of 8 F-16s to Pakistan, lawmakers object

Canada charges four men for exporting satellite technology to China


Scuba Diver Gets Sucked into Nuclear Power Plant Pipe

Polio vaccines causing worldwide surge in childhood paralysis cases

Kennedy: ‘Pipeline War’ is at the Roots of Syrian Crisis

What Role Will Russia Play in the US-Chinese South China Sea Drama?

US been using nuclear-capable bombers over Syria and Iraq

Three injured in Texas refinery explosion

Police Seize 20,000 Uniforms Bound For Jihadists

Rare white whale spotted off Mexico’s Pacific Coast

Saudi Air Force Deploys in Support of Turkey’s Ground Invasion of Syria

Children of a Nomadic Island Tribe Have Developed Eyes Similar to Dolphins

Moving out of U.S. if Trump wins? Island wants you

North Korea steps up army recruitment ahead of US military exercise

Asteroid 2013 TX68 set for close encounter with Earth

4.5-Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Dominican Republic

Indonesian tsunami warning buoys not working when M7.8 quake hit

Philippines bars N.Korea-linked ship from leaving port over safety issues

Gunmen kill 16, including nuns, at Yemen care home

Hamas blames Israel after operative killed in Gaza tunnel collapse

How to move to Canada – Google search spikes after Super Tuesday Spiked 1150%.


Why Your Bank Want To Track Your Cell Phone

LA Police Testing Knife Allegedly Found On O.J. Simpson’s Old Property

Catholic Church’s disapproval boosts Girl Scout donations in St. Louis

Bird poop apparently caused NY Indian Point nuclear reactor outage?

The U.S. just sent a carrier strike group to confront China

Russian Nuclear Sub to Launch Two Bulava SLBMs in Barents Sea Drill

N. Korea leader tells military to be ready to use nuclear weapons at any time

Warning: Cadmium, heavy metals collected from moss from Portland trees highly toxic

Japan: World’s newest atom smasher circulates beams for the first time

Mystery repeating radio signals detected in deep space

>North Korea fires missiles after UN imposes fresh sanctions

US says does not want China use navy to intimidate fishing vessels

A Warning? Attempts to unite Europe without Russia ended in tragedies – Lavrov

Moscow beheading nanny she killed child in revenge for Syria airstrikes

Asteroid 2013 TX68 Will Come Close, But Not Hit Earth

Donald Trump S.S. tactics, slams USA TODAY’s black student protest story

Toxic waste contamination? Warning for West Islip, New York

At Least 4 Hurt in Birmingham Tornado, Just Days After Min Wage Struck Down

Here’s what those sticker codes on fruits and vegetables mean

Elephants Hate Bees As Much As You Do


Forgotten Animals of Yemen’s Taiz ZooLiving in Hellish Conditions

The West Coast’s Sardines Are Still Dropping Like Flies

Fukushima-Daiichi: New “Meltdown Byproduct”, Glass Particles With Highly Radioactive Cesium

China Plans To Mine The MOON!! Movie The Time Machine

U.N. delays vote on tough new North Korea sanctions at Russia’s request

Putin: Russia’s forex reserves are not for financing current economic problems

U.S. State Department releases final batch of Clinton emails

Pyriproxyfen not Zika causing birth defects say some scientistTime photographer is choke-slammed by Secret Service agent at a Trump rally

Russia: Muslim babysitter ‘beheads girl, 4, and takes severed HEAD into street shouting Allahu Akbar

Catholic priest allegedly snorts cocaine amid Nazi memorabilia

Man Who Freed 2,000 Minks From Fur Farm Sentenced To 3 Years

‘Dangerous’ Radioactive Material Stolen, Missing in Mexico

NASA admits there’s ‘a chance’ that asteroid 2013 TX68 COULD smash into Earth

Apple Wins in Brooklyn Battle Over Unlocking iPhone

Saigon Beating Hanoi Four Decades After Vietnam War

Google’s Self-Driving Car Caused Its Second Crash, They say First

Ala. city raises minimum wage, Gov. Robert, legislature strips it

Iran’s hard-liners handed embarrassing defeat

Howler Monkeys Found Dead Nicaragua Raises Concern

Rare seahorse caught on camera in waters off California coast

Russia wants to modify Cold War missiles to destroy asteroids

Up Date – Russian mine disaster death toll hits 36 after explosion during failed rescue effort

Donald Trump stumbles on David Duke, KKK

Chinese ISPs Caught Injecting Ads and Malware into Web Pages

Symantec’s Michael Brown – 400 Attacks Every Minute

Saudis Reject Oil Cuts, Prices Fall

U.S. military tests nuclear missile

Hundreds of sea lions wash up dead in Chile

Pilot diverts flight to kick off rowdy bachelor party

Yellowstone Super Volcano Report: Challis, Idaho 3.6M Earthquake

Ukraine Pressured by Corruption, Renewed Fighting

UN ban on DPRK mineral exports to hurt foreign currency income

Shinzo Abe to visit Russia, despite Obama’s appeal

Caribbean faces threat of biggest tsunami ever recorded

Japan population shrinks by one million since Fukushima

Hacker breached accounts of 700,000 US taxpayer

Rescuers say ‘no contact’ with 26 missing miners in Russia’s Arctic

U.S., Russia-brokered cease-fire goes into effect across Syria

CDC: Zika infections confirmed in 9 pregnant women in U.S.

Fukushima: Three former TEPCO executives to be indicted Monday

M4.2 Quake shakes Jackson Hole Wyoming

SeaWorld Acknowledges That Its Workers Infiltrated Animal Rights Groups; Vows to End Practice

Australian icebreaker refloated in Antarctica after grounding

China admiral talks warships with Cambodia as navy drill shores up ties

4-Year-Old Egyptian Toddler Sentenced to Life in Prison

Police arrest Ukrainian man, 23, for posing as Pa. high school student

Johnson & Johnson Ordered to Pay $72 Million in Talcum Powder Cancer Case

Islamic State threatens Facebook and Twitter chiefs

Kohl’s to Close 18 Stores This Year; Sears to Shutter at Least 50

SoCal Gas Must Pay for Porter Ranch Residents’ Relocation Fees Through March 18, Judge Orders

Geologist: Tuesday’s Kern County M4.9 quake wasn’t caused by the oil industry, but the state will check

Russia rejects US Kerry’s Plan B for Syria

Donald Trump endorsed by former KKK leader David Duke: ‘I hope he does everything we hope he will do.’

Multiple deaths, injuries Kansas attacks

Justice Scalia spent his last hours with members of this secretive society of elite hunters

Potential for earthquake in New York City exists

US to boost South China Sea freedom of navigation moves, admiral says

With eye on China’s rise, Australia to boost defence spending by $21 bln

Mobile phones are ‘cooking’ men’s sperm

Virginia State Police Confirm 4th Fatality

Kerry advises US Senate not to ‘rush’ to more Iran sanctions

SF schools approve condoms in middle schools

Entangled whale rescued off San Diego coast

Dozens quarantined, 3 sick, after US Customs receives suspicious envelope at California office

Tornado Watch in effect for D.C. area

Huge UFO Just Entered Our Solar System — Astronomers Release Images

Cuba’s Had A Lung Cancer Vaccine For Years, And Now It’s Coming To The U.S.

Deepcut: Pte Cheryl James ‘ordered to have sex with fellow recruit’

China sends fighter jets to South China Sea island: Kerry meeting canceled

Ramon Castro, older brother of Cuba’s Fidel and Raul, dies at 91

Update: Man, 23, Arrested in Shooting Death of 1-Year-Old Compton Girl

Big One Coming? 4.9 Earthquake Strikes Near Bakersfield Amid ‘Active’ Week in SoCa

Deadly tornadoes cause widespread damage in Louisiana, Mississippi

Car List : U.S. lawmakers say Takata manipulated data to hide airbag problems

Asian shares, oil retreat as Saudi Arabia plays down output cuts

Plastic in Snickers bar prompts Mars recall in 55 countries


German Shepherd Waits Weeks for Murdered Owner to Come Home

Gates Supports Government Efforts in Apple Case

Chinese banks freeze North Korean accounts

Japan Kansai Electric finds leaked radioactive water at nuclear plant

DigitalGlobe forms satellite joint venture with Saudi firms

Apollo 10 declassified tapes to reveal puzzling ‘musical’ transmission from Moon’s dark side

Fury in Seoul after Pyongyang calls S. Korea leader ‘crazy old b*tch’

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu delivers a Special Message from Putin to Tehran

Dmitry Rogozin the salesman: ‘If Yugoslavia,Iraq and Libya had S-300, no one at the UNSC would’ve had to lie making up a reason for intrusion’

India deploys army to quell protests

6-year-old shot to death outside Miami-Dade home; community ‘sad, mad, hurt

Uber driver held in shooting deaths of 6 in Michigan was picking up passengers between shootings!

Hindu priest hacked to death in Bangladesh by Islamic State

Cyclone Winston wreaks destruction in Fiji

Nepal : Viral disease affecting goats and sheep spreads to Humla out of control

India: Unrest Over Caste Spreads Across Country

Robots Replacing Humans at Work Fiction Or Fact?

Survey of Economists Shows Climate Change Impact Sooner, More Severe

North Korea’s ‘Hotel of Doom’ is the tallest abandoned building in the world

Foreshock? Emerson Fault Zone Lucerne Valley, California M4.3 Earthquake

Russian helicopter violates Estonia’s airspace

Vietnam protests ‘serious violation of sovereignty’ after China deploys missile system to disputed island in South China Sea

China State Run Media Say’s ‘China ‘should fire shots at US warships near disputed islands..’

Indonesia modernizing air force ‘with Russian Su-35’

U.S. judge OKs dropping charges against Iranian after prisoner swap

What is that noise? Mysterious shrieking sound puzzles people in Oregon neighborhood

Canadian scientists testing Zika to see if virus can infect native mosquitoes

Canadian diplomat’s son sent to boot camp over deadly Florida shooting

Bigfoot or prankster in a gorilla suit?

Texas town water taps run black, old water tower blamed

U.S. inflation keeps Fed rate hike on the table

Turkey’s Erdogan says Syrian Kurdish militia used U.S. weapons on civilians

Harper Lee: US author of To Kill a Mockingbird dies aged 89

U.K. house explodes, gas leak suspected

North Korea satellite tumbling in orbit again

Google makes fresh push into grocery delivery

Wounded soldier soon to receive first US penis transplant

Australia warns Beijing over threat of conflict in South China Sea

Visual China to invest US$100m in Getty Images

Obama OKs new sanctions against DPRK

Oil gives up big price gains after Saudi comments

&nbsp>Bottling water from glaciers is not the way to quench China’s thirst

Hairy tumbleweed panic’ grips Australian town

Walmart just signaled a terrifying new reality for American retail

Russia says any incursion into Syria would be illegal, supports undivided Syria
Japan’s maritime force conducts joint drills with Vietnam’s navy

Police arrest five after raid at China bank ICBC’s Madrid, Spain office

Seoul’s Spy Service Says North Korea Is Preparing Attacks

Oklahoma Agency Calls for Cuts in Wastewater Well Volumes to Stem Quakes

Saudi actor to be tried for pictures with fans

Russia to deliver S-300 missile system to Iran Thursday

2 Saudi cadets arrested over alleged rape of British woman

China deploys anti-aircraft missiles on disputed South China Sea island

British Air Force jets intercept Russian bombers nearing UK airspace

Hospital paid 17K ransom to hackers of its computer network

Radioactive material stolen in Iraq raises security fears

At least 28 killed by Ankara car bomb targeting military personnel

Space rocks from January Florida fireball found!

Ancient burial ground on Mars? Rover’s bizarre photo excites alien belivers

Marine Vet Says Group of Teens Black Live Matter Harassed Him While He Was Eating — He Woke Up a Short Time Later

Armed Marshals Really Collecting on Student Loans

Iran snubs Doha proposal, won’t freeze on oil output levels

Hollywood Hospital Held Hostage By Hackers Asking $3.6M Ransom

Carrier’s Mexico Move Prompts Anger, Resignation Over Massive Pay Gap

That Grated Parm on Your Pasta May Be 9% Wood

M4.8 Earthquake Big Pine, California

Magnitude-3.9 Earthquake Strikes Near Big Bear, Ca

Argentine Alien Festival Soars at UFO Sighting Site Hotspot

GE explores oil and gas business in Iran with top executive visit

Netherlands’ first poo bank wants your deposits

Saudi Arabia sends troops and fighter jets to military base in Turkey

Missiles in Syria kill 50 as schools, hospitals hit; Turkey accuses Russia

Russia To Pull Out Of World Trade Organization? Collective Farms

Ukraine prepares to declare official war on RussiaTurkey issues new threats to Kurdish forces in Syria

Strong and shallow M6.3 earthquake hit near Auckland Islands, New Zealand


Red Cross CEO Dodges Congressional Questions About Cuts Around the Country

Man Skips Work for 6 Years, No One Notices

150,000 penguins die after being stranded by iceberg

Cliff collapses after M5.9 quake hits New Zealand

Services held for murdered Veteran, suspects still at large

Police Disarm Pipe Bomb at Albuquerque AVIS Airport Car Rental

Cuba returns dummy Hellfire missile mistakenly received in 2014

Most Conservative Justice Scalia Dies During Hunting Trip

Turkey shells Kurdish-held airbase in Syria’s Aleppo

US deploys more Patriot missiles in South Korea

Senate votes to rename street outside Chinese Embassy ‘Liu Xiaobo Plaza’

Russia warns of ‘new world war’ starting in Syria

Carrier Air Conditioner 1,400 Employees Learn They Are Losing Their Jobs to Mexico

Strong 5.1-magnitude earthquake strikes Oklahoma

Repeated Aggression’: John Kerry Goes After Russia at Munich Security Conference

China foreign minister urges U.S. caution on missile system

Colorado military officials consider banning Iron Order motorcycle club

Venezuelan parliament declares “humanitarian crisis” for lack of food

Powerful 6.5 earthquake strikes Indonesia

U.S. Air Force replaces arms buyer over financial disclosure problem

Oregon occupiers warn authorities of booby traps at refuge

South Korea cuts off power, water into Kaesong zone in North Korea

Clinton Foundation subpoenaed by State Dept

Amazon suspends software terms of service in event of zombie apocalypse

Porter Ranch-Area Methane Gas Leak ‘Temporarily’ Stopped Nearly 4 Months After It Started

Missing Woman’s Body Found in Car Parked Outside Salinas Wal-Mart for 3 Months

52 dead in riot at northern Mexico prison

Investigation Begins in German Train Crash

U.S. and NATO beef up defenses on Russian border

India: 134 Schools Declare Holiday After Leopard Scare

UW-Madison research team testing Zika Virus in monkeys

Suspects in death of 5-year-old Wisconsin Beloit boy held without bail

Shot that killed baby likely meant for father

Nuns who help homeless face eviction in costly San Francisco

New school will teach rich how to pick a private jet

Ex-L.A. sheriff to plead guilty in corruption case

Hackers access employee records at Justice and Homeland Security Departments

Will New York Ban Smartphones With Security Protections?

Biggest Beekeeper In World Who Sounded Alarm Loses 90 Percent of His Hives

Pedophilia: Iran passes ‘pedophilia’ law to let men marry adopted girls

U.S. and India consider joint patrols in South China Sea

Texas Republicans on Obama’s proposed $10 oil tax

Obama to ask Congress for $1.8 billion to combat Zika virus

Series of small quakes hit northeastern Maine

Rare mother and baby whale turn up in South Florida inlet

Lawmaker meets with union to support citizenship drive, Hillary ClintonPutin’s ex-wife marries man 21 years her junior, Arthur Ocheretny

New Madrid Earthquakes M2.5-M2.1: Could Tennessee experience an earthquake similar to one in 1800s?

Long Before Helping Flint, Michigan Officials Were Shipping Clean Water to Their Own Workers

There’s Only One Presidential Candidate Who Wants to Ban Fracking

Sydney, 40,000 with out power after storm

Video – Russia 7.2 Earthquake

Video – Four Earthquakes Off Ferdale Calif M5.0

State Department Admits 22 E-mails on Hillary’s Unsecured Server Were ‘Top Secret’

Mayor of Linden, Tenn. dies after accidental fall

FBI Releases Video of Shooting of Oregon Occupier

US official says activity detected at NKorean launch site

TurboTax Complaints and Problems
Navy commander pleads guilty in massive bribery case

Diplomatic row breaks out between France and Iran over wine

Disneyland Paris: Man arrested after two guns and Koran ‘found in suitcase’

Sweden’s prediction of mass deportations

Puerto Rico adopts regulation for use of medical marijuana

Gas blowout happened in old well regulated by old rules

Charleston SC – Drill? Loud booms heard and shaking felt

Hugh Glass, the Real Man of “The Revenant”

Sony to move entire PlayStation operation to San Mateo offices

Erosion from waves prompts evacuation of cliffside homes in California

Ammon Bundy arrested, shots fired, one dead at Oregon standoff

China shares end at 14-month lows after late selling frenzy

Two BASE jumpers presumed dead after jumping from Central California bridge

Zika virus set to spread across Americas, spurring vaccine hunt

London bishop urges vicars to grow beards as way of reaching Muslims

Pope Francis meeting Iran’s president in boost to nuke deal

Quake of magnitude 6.3 strikes off Papua New Guinea

Search for missing Malaysia jet hits another snag with sonar detector lost

Vigil held in Beloit for boy killed in shooting

Former workers sue Disney, consulting companies over layoffs

Spain, Morocco M61. Earthquake Streets littered with rubble quake strikes off coast

CIA alerts India on ISIS terror plots after decoding Facebook messages

Four sperm whales wash up on England’s eastern shores

Russia donates mobile Ebola lab to Guinea

UK man must notify police if he plans to have sex

Four homes lost n Alaska M7.1 earthquake

FBI investigating whether Hillary’s team copied intel from top-secret server to her email

Egypt puts 8 on trial for botched restoration of King Tut mask

Wife of Russian ‘hitman’ stars in Putin-friendly propaganda film

Strong 7.1 magnitude earthquake hits Alaska felt in Anchorage, power outage

Shimon Peres rushed back to hospital with chest pains

Israeli jets bomb targets in Gaza after rocket hits south

Palestinian killed by own bomb in attack on police in East Jerusalem

Jeff Foxworthy on Muslims


Near Ludlow California 4.0 magnitude earthquake

Boy, 5, killed in Wisconsin road attack

Russians’ Anxiety Swells as Oil Prices Collapse

Inmates rappelled to escape California jail

California pot growers face new crop of bans

Oregon militia Ammon Bundy Ends Meeting With FBI Because Agent Wouldn’t Allow Media

Kremlin denies report Putin envoy asked Syria’s Assad to step down

Google agrees to pay British authorities £130m,($185m+ U.S.) in back taxes

UK flights cancelled due to US east coast blizzard

North Korea claims it has arrested US student for ‘hostile act’

Zika virus: Three returning UK travellers diagnosed

France to Maintain ‘State of Emergency’ Until Islamic State Is Destroyed

U.S. Air Force says nuclear missile damaged in 2014

Advice to delay pregnancy due to Zika virus is naive, activists say

Sierra Leone has 2nd Ebola case after epidemic believed over

16-Yr-Old German Girl Posts Video Asking ‘Please Help Us’ – Some Claim Facebook Is Censoring It

Vladimir Putin Tries to Underplay a Tanking Ruble

Congress May Authorize Force Against ISIS, with Help from Lindsey Graham

Another New Navy Combat Ship Breaks Down

Candidate Trump retweets ‘White Genocide’ account, drawing outrage

Poland clouds NATO’s nuanced Russia plan

South Africa – BURIED LOOT: EFCC invades water bottling company

Nigeria plans up to $5 bln borrowing from sources including Eurobonds

Kansas’ highest court voids Wichita marijuana ordinance

U.S. strips five Russian honorary consuls of credentials

Freed Washington Post journalist Rezaian headed to U.S.: statement

Merkel – Turkey agrees to ‘do everything’ to cut migrant flows

Google paid Apple $1 billion to be the search engine on your iPhone

L.A. Zoo Employee Rescued by Firefighters After Falling Into Gorilla Enclosure

Swine Flu Sweeps Over Half of Russia, Spreads to Neighboring Countries

This Isn’t the First Time Astronomers Have ‘Found’ a Planet Nine

This Week’s King Tides Give a Glimpse of Sea Level Rise San Francisco, California

Gunmen Attack Beach Restaurant In Somalia

UK- Council Starts DNA Testing Dog Poo To Catch Culprits

Big jump in gun seizures at U.S. airport security checkpoints, 95% missed

Rumors of Twitter buyout, what would NewsCorp stand to gain?

The Savile Whitewash’? Where Janet Smith’s damning leaked review leaves the BBC

Google Disabled 49% More Ads in 2015

Run On The Banks Begins In Italy As Italian Banking Stocks Collapse

French President declares economic emergency

Senate Democrats block bill to tighten vetting process for Syrian refugees

Washington, D.C., hasn’t seen a blizzard like this in nearly 100 years

Clinton emails had intel from most secretive, classified programs

Don’t Want to Buy Renters Insurance? You Might Not Have a Choice

Price Chopper Recalls Ice Cream Because Metal Shavings

US stocks hit lowest levels since 2014 as oil prices slump – 500 points‘1400 years of faith erased’: ISIS destroyed the oldest Christian monastery in Iraq

FBI, DHS investigating Kent State associate professor for alleged ISIS ties

Netflix’s crackdown on borderless streaming is a concession to the past

German man with ‘Iranian citizenship’ pushed a woman in front of a subway train in Berlin

Gun from ‘Fast and Furious’ program tied to El Chapo

Iran deal includes pardon for man who hacked Vt. company

Star of reality show ‘Wicked Tuna’ due to change fraud plea

UK: Steel Industry Crisis: More Job Cuts Expected

RAF: Baader-Meinhof Militants Tied To Failed Heists

Cameron: We Must Do More For Syrian Refugees


Bomb threats target over 30 schools in U.S. Northeast, Midwest

Islamic State media outlet confirms death of ‘Jihadi John’

Americans missing in Baghdad kidnapped by Iran-backed militia

Bernie Sanders Just might Beat Hillary Clinton, In A Landslide?

Slow Earthquake moving towards Straight of Juan de Fuca

Netflix has tons of hidden categories — here’s how to see them

Obama allows sale of aircraft to Iran

Hawaiian Baby With Brain Damage Is Zika Virus Victim

SpaceX Rocket Landing on Ocean Platform Fails

Islamic State abducts more than 400 civilians in east Syria

Sea Plankton on Space Station? Russian Official Claims It’s So

76 Tips That Will Help You Survive What Is About To Happen

>China’s Chief Stock Regulator Quits

Poland wants NATO summit to okay more troops for eastern Europe
Marine Corps lists identities of 12 missing in Hawaii chopper collision

Ferry fire forces passengers to jump

Iran says new US sanctions illegitimate, citing ‘war crimes’ against Palestinians

GE – Alstom cuts 1,300 jobs in Switzerland, 6,500 jobs across Europe

Blizzard kills thousands of Texas dairy cows

Strong 6.7 quake hits near India-Myanmar border: USGS

Saudi Arabia breaks off ties with Iran

Glossy ibis makes rare appearance in Scotland

Scottish communities prepare for more floods

Weather, war threaten to leave millions more hungry in 2016

“Nuns” fight to keep their marijuana-based business in California

President Obama Signs Emergency Declaration for Missouri

Iranians set fire to Saudi embassy after cleric’s execution

First case of Zika virus reported in Puerto Rico

Missouri flooding death toll rises to 15

Video – Yellowstone Supervolcano Report, Earthquake Swarm, Uplift

Russia cites US as security threat

“Sean Bean dead 2016” : Actor killed by internet death hoax

Iran gets first petchem export cash after 2011 bans

Tenn. store sees 450% increase in gun sales since Black Friday

Magnitude-4.5 Quake Shakes in Ocean off Northern California

Mississippi River tops levee in southern Illinois

Meet the man behind the “Trump is disgusting” Rose Bowl skywriting

Man killed by falling elevator after helping woman escape

Video -Helena Valley Earthquake Swarm and Geomagnetic Storm Triggers

Will Expected New Mardrid flooding cause earthquakes?

Oklahoma Earthquake M4.3 Downgraded to M4.2, Light Damage

Demon attacking owl returns, goes after government workers

Rouhani orders Iran’s missile program accelerated

Iran producing oil below $10 per barrel

China Confirms Recent Anti-Satellite Test

Photo Of Shark Attack On Missouri River Goes Viral

N.Y. man accused of plotting New Year’s Eve attack in support of Islamic State

Freak storm pushes North Pole 50 degrees above normal to melting point

Video’s Fire rips through Dubai hotel

Cabinet Approves India-Australia Civil Nuclear Deal

Video- Caribbean Earthquake Haiti M4.6

India test-fires Barak-8 long range missile

U.S. preparing missile sanctions against Iran

Couple witnesses horrific cruise ship death with elevator

North Korea says top aide to leader Kim dies in car crash

Driver dies after crashing into Secret Service car For Hiliary Clinton

Like something from a movie, couple mauled by 2 dogs who get into home

Cause of death unknown after orca calf found dead on Vancouver Island coast

India Is Now The 2nd Country With A Billion Mobile Subscribers

Canada – Telus agrees to give up to $7.3M in rebates for misleading ads

911- Calgary-bound Sunwing passengers angry at eight-hour wait on tarmac

Video- Missouri More flooding Expected

Video- Missouri flooding