Free air conditioning without electricity was invented in Bangladesh – VIDEO

free cool air

June 12, 2016 – – While many discuss the achievements of the world leading companies in the field of electronics, in Bangladesh was invented an air conditioning, which reduces the room temperature by 5 degrees Celsius and that can be quickly made from dozens of plastic bottles. This type already used in Bangladesh by 25 thousand of families – VIDEO:

The change in pressure that occurs when air enters the wider part of the bottle and comes out through the bottleneck cools the air.


It seems uncanny, but the principle is simple. Blow on your hand with your mouth wide open. The air feels hot, doesn’t it? Now, blow on your hand with your lips pursed. It feels like a cool breeze.

The Eco-Cooler doesn’t require any electricity to function!

The Eco-Cooler can decrease the temperature by 5°C immediately. When it goes from 30°C to 25°C, I can tell you that it makes a difference.


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