Top NATO General Warns of Nuclear War With Russia Within a Year

Top NATO General Warns of Nuclear War With Russia Within a Year


May 29, 2016 – -A former NATO chief has claimed that the outbreak of a nuclear war with Russia is ‘entirely plausible’ and this within a year.

The General has written a book, 2017 War With Russia: An urgent warning from senior military command, outlining a nuclear war breakout with Russia over the Baltic nations.

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According to Shirreff, Russia would seize territory in eastern Ukraine to create a land route to Crimea and invade three Baltic nations, all NATO members.

With NATO recently deploying 4,000 troops to Russia’s border and the United States activating its missile defense system in Europe and subsequently activating war games in Romania, an outbreak of nuclear war with Russia becomes ever more likely.

“Be under no illusion whatsoever – Russian use of nuclear weapons is hardwired into Moscow’s military strategy.” writes Shirreff in his new book.

General Sir Richard Shirreff, who served as Nato’s Deputy Supreme Allied Commander in Europe between 2011 and 2014, said that an attack on Estonia, Lithuania or Latvia – all Nato members – was a serious possibility and that the West should act now to avert “potential catastrophe”.

General Shirreff said: “The chilling fact is that because Russia hardwires nuclear thinking and capability to every aspect of their defence capability, this would be nuclear war.

“We need to judge President Putin by his deeds not his words,” he added. “He has invaded Georgia, he has invaded the Crimea, he has invaded Ukraine. He has used force and got away with it.

General Shirreff said that Mr Putin could be persuaded into an intervention in the Baltic by a “perception” of weakness in Nato, and predicted that, as in Crimea, the Russian president would present his actions as an act of defence to protect the large Russian-speaking minorities in those countries.

Nato has already stepped up defences in the Baltic states, but General Shirreff said that it needed to “raise the bar sufficiently high for any aggressor to say it is not worth the risk.”

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