Is there a secret weapon on board the ISS?


May 29, 2016 – – – An International Space Station camera captured an ominous-looking object inciting a new round of UFO conspiracy theories — and maybe a legitimate cause for concern.

Alien hunters and conspiracy theorists have come up with a lot of interesting ideas from watching footage of space – suggesting there could be a crucifix on Mars or giant pillars on the moon.

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Their latest claim is that the International Space Station has a ‘secret weapon’ on board and has been firing missiles at Earth.

Pictures captured from Nasa’s live feed have sent conspiracy theorists into a frenzy, claiming it shows an ‘interesting UFO or missile’ being released from the ISS.

However, there may be a more logical explanation – the images emerged just days after astronauts released a series of tiny satellites, known as CubeSats, from their home in orbit around the planet. (May 18)

Each of the tiny satellites measure no more than 4 inches (10cm) cubed with a mass of no more than 2.9 lbs (1.33kg).

Because of their simplicity, CubeSat forms a cost-effective independent means of getting a payload into orbit.

Nasa was using the latest batch of the tiny satellites to observe the Earth.

A Nasa spokeswoman told MailOnline ‘it is not possible to tell whether the images in the video have been edited in any way or to confirm when they might have been captured.’

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, told MailOnline: ‘Much as I’d like to see visual evidence of a UFO or any other type of mystery object passing by the ISS, I don’t think this is it.

‘The suggestion that this object is a weapon being tested by the ISS is equally implausible.

tiny satellites

‘I’d put my money on the fact that this object is a cubesat being launched from the ISS – a project that ended on 18 May and involved a total of 17 cubesats being deployed from the Japanese, Kibo experiment module.

‘Nonetheless some UFOlogists will note that there is no smoke without fire and that Nasa continues to cover-up the UFO incidents surrounding the ISS.’

If the ‘object’ was some sort of weapon heading for Earth, as some keen conspiracy theorists suggest, it is likely it would have struck soon after.

Extreme views suggest the object is of an alien nature. Earlier this week, alien enthusiasts claimed to have found proof of life on the moon after identifying lunar structures, suggesting occupation.

According to UFO spotters and conspiracy theorists, there are 200-foot-tall pyramid-like towers at the rim of a lunar crater that are thought to have been artificially constructed. The narrator of a video posted by the extraterrestrial watchdog group SecureTeam10, states, “If (after watching this video) you believe that the Moon is not inhabited by these massive artificial structures, you will likely never be convinced.”

The narrator further alleges that NASA has long known about the presence of aliens on the moon, but airbrushed evidence out of officially-released photos of the lunar surface.

Whether airbrushed ephemera, digital noise or, in fact, aliens, the debate rages on, and sometimes, what we don’t know can hurt us.
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