Cruz takes Wisconsin over Trump, increasing chances of open convention


April 5, 2016 – MILWAUKEE — Ted Cruz swept to victory in the Wisconsin primary Tuesday, complicating Donald Trump’s bid to win the necessary number of Republican delegates and increasing the chances of an open convention this summer.

“Tonight is a turning point,” Cruz told supporters in Milwaukee. “It is a rallying cry.”

During a two-week campaign, Cruz had told Wisconsin voters they had “a national platform and megaphone” they could use to promote his campaign’s effort to derail Trump, and the Texas senator predicted that other states would follow their lead.

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“Hillary, get ready, here we come” Ted Cruz wraps up his speech after projected win in Wiscons in Primary.

Cruz has 52.7% of the vote
Trump has 31.19%
John Kasish has 14.49%
Other 2.25%
This as of 9:15 CDT

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