ETNA , SICILY – Volcano blows ash cloud.

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April 2, 2016 – ETNA , SICILY – Around 9:30 A.M. March 31, the Northeast crater issued a fine ash plume. It is a small phenomenon, yet easily visible from all sides of the volcano due to the lack of cloud cover. In recent days, the Northeast crater had intermittently emitted ash in the atmosphere, but now the phenomenon is more continuous. Other parameters used for monitoring volcanic and especially the average amplitude of volcanic tremor, showed no significant changes compared to the period before the start of yesterday’s emission.

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Today you can see the smoke ash, still rising here is the web adress to watch live at these links

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The, exceptionally clear weather and no wind in the Etna summit area allowed to the ash emissions of the North east crater to form a plume of several hundred meters high, visible from throughout eastern Sicily. However, these emissions appear to be slightly larger than those of recent days, but they are only the product of fine debris of old volcanic rocks torn from the walls of the conduit of the North East crater. Also today, minor gas emissions were observed from the « puttusiddu« , the small vent that was the site of the last activity of the New Southeast Crater, on 6-8 December 2015.

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