Another passenger on hijacked EgyptAir plane had smuggled frozen chicken onboard

Another passenger on hijacked EgyptAir plane had smuggled frozen chicken onboard


March 31, 2016 – A man who valiantly defended the frozen Egyptian chicken he had smuggled onboard.

AbdAllah El Ashmawy recounted on Facebook that one passenger had smuggled a frozen “farkha baladi,” or tasty local breed of chicken — presumably for some future meal. The passenger had managed to keep the chicken concealed in his bag throughout the entire hijacking all the way to the airport in Cyprus.

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When the flight headed back to Cairo, however, airport security officials tried to take away the man’s chicken. He protested loudly, El Ashmawy recounted, until officials promised to put the chicken in a fridge for him.

The ordeal pushed the man, still passionately defending his contraband, to make an excellent point.

“You allowed an explosive belt on board,” he asked the officials, “but you won’t let me take my chicken?”


There were other reactions that made that El Ashmawy “lol,” as he put it. Another excellent one included a man who phoned his wife to divulge the location of his secret bank account — a common practice among the Egyptian upper middle class. His wife, too distracted by the revelation of a hidden stash of money to remember her husband was sitting on a hijacked plane, asked him to repeat the name of the bank several times, El Ashmawy said.

Another passenger apparently called each of his family members individually for short conversations, saying, “Mohammed, I’ve been kidnapped,” and “Fatma, I’ve been kidnapped” to each.

The flight also bred other bizarre behavior, including a passenger who took a photo with the hijacker — and a flight attendant who helped them — creating a very strange chapter in air travel. And one, now that everyone is safe, that is rife for yet more jokes.

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