United States: for Donald Trump, women who have abortions deserve “punishment”

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March 30, 2016 – What the UK is saying…. translated .bfmtv.com
“The favorite of the Republican primary did not specify what sanctions could be imposed on women who undergo abortion, but would make it unlawful.”

“New declaration shock Donald Trump. The favorite of the Republican primary in the US attacked openly on Wednesday to abortion by declaring in an interview on MSNBC that women who were illegally abortions should face “some form of punishment”.

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Donald Trump had already attacked the abortions by announcing he wanted to make the illegal medical procedure. When questioned again on this issue, which divides into the Republican camp, he speaks of “very serious problem, a problem that we must address.” Pressed by the reporter, the billionaire ended by declaring that “there must be some form of punishment.” Without specifying what kind of sanctions it could vote.

Willingly acknowledging that the abortion ban would increase illegal practices, Donald Trump’s campaign team attempted to extinguish the controversy. In a statement, the candidate’s spokesman explains that the abortion legislation was “not clear” and that the decision should be left” to the States.” “Like Ronald Reagan, I am pro-life with exceptions, I listed several times,” it is written in the text. His son also tried to defend ensuring that his father spoke only illegal abortions.

But it was enough for less than his opponents are outraged after these statements . Starting with Ted Cruz , his rival in the Republican primary. “Do not think too much: Trump does not understand the position of the pro- life because it is not pro- life,” quips the spokesman Texas senator , Brian Phillips. Before explaining that it was ” further evidence that he is a liar. Trump is not and has never been pro- life.”

Hillary Clinton, contender for the Democratic nomination , violently denounced the proposed Trump. ” Just when you think it could not get worse … Horrible and revealing “, wrote on Twitter the former Secretary of State Barack Obama. “Ashamed”, completed the campaign Bernie Sanders team, Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

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