Toxic waste contamination? Warning for West Islip, New York

pregant women, children elderly etc now could get cancer

March 2, 2016 – New warnings are coming out about a toxic waste contamination near Long Island, New York, that officials say could cause cancer and other negative health effects.

The state says people in West Islip face a serious health threat from cadmium left behind by an airline fastener manufacturing company.


Decades ago, the town thought they had safely contained the toxic waste into leaching pools, but Superstorm Sandy stirred up those pools and allowed the cadmium to flow into a nearby creek.

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Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs reported, DEC officials believe flooding from Superstorm Sandy likely forced the carcinogen Cadmium from leeching pools at a West Islip superfund site, which then seeped into Willet’s Creek.

The agency said it’s caused a significant threat to public health. They’ve issued warnings to area residents as they map out a plan to remove contaminated soil.

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Nearby resident Linda Giordano, meanwhile, is concerned.

“My grandkids come and this is where we shop and if they’re going to be removing this, it’s going to be airborne and they’re going to be breathing this; and long-term, what’s going to happen long-term?” she said.


The DEC said drinking water is not impacted by the contamination. They are warning people against eating fish from the creek.

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